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Christmas at St Barnabas


Here are the words and a recording of the music for our Solo Item at the St Barnabas Concert.  We need to know this BY HEART, so lots of practising with and without the words please.

star carol.mp3

Backing track (with computer-generated choir sound)






Dear Choir,


Here's the link to Young Voices.  Their web site has full details of all the songs and dances (didn't I tell you about the dances?) along with videos and words.  You'll need a password to log in, and I'm not allowed to put it on this page, so you'll have to come and ask me for it...(when you come and ask me, I'll tell you that it's YVConcerts2018, but I'm not allowed to tell you that just now).


To visit the web site, CLICK HERE


To download a copy of the information letter and permission form, CLICK BELOW