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Friday 9th February 2018

The last day of Constellation Netball was unfortunately slightly affected by the weather today as 3H and 3F were restricted to the main hall as the Netball court was covered in water and we awaited more predicted rain. So 3H and 3F instead competed in a dodgeball competition which was hugely entertaining and massively enjoyed by the children. After break, as the sky began to clear we decided that we would try to get outside for 3P and 3S and thankfully the rain stayed away to allow us some Netball competition. After a tense morning of point scoring the final scores were as follows:


Year 3 Netball Points

Orion 19

Pegasus 18

Cygnus 15

Hercules 15


Constellation Netball - Final standings

Orion 182

Cygnus 178

Pegasus 164

Hercules 152


Congratulations to Orion for being crowned this years Constellation Netball Champions!

Wednesday 7th and Thursday 8th February 2018

Day 2 and 3 of Constellation Netball saw the competition get very tight at the top. We had lots of points being scored today which resulted in the tables looking like this:


Year 5 Netball Points

Hercules 25

Cygnus 23

Hercules 19

Orion 14


Year 1 Netball Points

Orion 60

Cygnus 59

Pegasus 54

Hercules 51


Year 4 Netball Points

Cygnus 12

Orion 7

Pegasus 5

Hercules 2


Constellation Netball Points

Orion 163

Cygnus 163

Pegasus 146

Hercules 137


So, with just Year 3 left to play their part in the competition it is neck and neck at the top of the table. Will Orion or Cygnus be crowned Netball champs? Or will Pegasus or Hercules catch up on the final day and pip everybody else to the post?

Tuesday 6th February 2018

We kicked off the Constellation Netball tournament yesterday in very, very cold conditions. The children were brilliant however, and showcased some excellent High 5 Netball. At the end of a cold morning of Year 6 Netball it the scores were as follows:


Year 6 Netball Points

Orion 16

Hercules 14

Cygnus 14

Pegasus 7


In the afternoon it was the turn of the Year 2 children to compete who were in the sports hall competing in various throwing and catching events. After a packed afternoon of competition the Year 2 scores were as follows:


Year 2 Netball Points

Orion 66

Pegasus 55

Cygnus 55

Hercules 51


So after 1 day of competition the scores are:


Constellation Netball Points

Orion 82

Cygnus 69

Hercules 65

Pegasus 62


Monday 5th February 2018

Tomorrow sees the start of this years Constellation Netball competition. Check out the schedule below to remind yourselves of when your child will be competing.


Tuesday 6th February

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Wednesday 7th February

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Thursday 8th February

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Friday 9th February

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Friday 31st March 2017


It has been such a busy last week of term that we have been unable to keep everybody up to date with the scores in this weeks Constellation tournament. Now all of the games have been played and we have winners so here goes, year by year....


Year 1 Netball Table

Orion 18

Hercules 15

Cygnus 12

Pegasus 12


Year 2 Netball Table

Hercules 26

Orion 14

Pegasus 13

Cygnus 7


Year 3 Netball Table

Pegasus 27

Cygnus 23

Orion 21

Hercules 19


Year 4 Netball Table 

Pegasus 38

Orion 34

Hercules 34

Cygnus 32


Year 5 Netball Table

Hercules 27

Orion 26

Pegasus 21

Cygnus 20


Year 6 Netball Table

Hercules 18

Cygnus 17

Orion 15

Pegasus 14


Overall Netball Table

Hercules 139

Orion 128

Pegasus 125

Cygnus 111


Well done to Hercules for being crowned this years Constellation Netball Champions!!


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 553

Cygnus 544

Hercules 532

Orion 511


The race for this years cup is hotting up. Just 2 Constellation tournaments of the year remain and  Pegasus are in the lead for the cup. Will they hold on? See you after Easter for the cricket tournament when we might find out!




Netball rules and schedule

Friday 10th March 2017

Make sure you know the rules to this half term's High 5 Netball tournament...

Thursday 11th February


Today was the final day of this half terms constellation tournament and with just one Year group left to compete Hercules could almost touch the Netball trophy. Rio helped to give Pegasus in 4S a great start to their tournament with a great performance in a 1-0 win over Orion. On the other court Will was making things happen for Hercules, helping them to a 2-0 victory in their first game. As the tournament progressed Orion's netball improved with Siham and Inaaya helping them to 2 well fought draws. Elsewhere, Amelie was awarded bonus points for a great show of sportsmanship by cheering on her own team and the opposition while she was a substitute! After 3 games, Hercules were on top. 4P were the second class of the day and Pegasus, currently in second place still believed they had a chance to win the tournament. After a slow start, they ended up earning a very good 9 points, with Florence being noted as a key member of the team. The team to beat in 4P wasn't Hercules, it was Orion. With a very solid core in George, Jasper and Zak they managed to win all three of the games to finish top of their group.


Break time finished and there were just 2 classes left to play. Hercules were still leading overall, but by how much? Alicia and Milo in Cygnus 4H combined well throughout their games to help Cygnus to 2 wins and valuable points. Pegasus and Orion also played well and ended the day with 7 and 6 points respectively. That leaves Hercules, who lost their first game before winning the next 2 and receiving sportsmanship points from the referees. They finished top of another group with 10 points. The final class was 4F and Hercukes knew that a solid performance here would win them their first trophy of the year. In a very tense opening game it was Harry in Hercules who was the difference as they recorded a well earner 1-0 victory over Cygnus. Game 2 for Hercules was against Pegasus.This proved to be another very close game with another 1-0 win, but this time it was Pegasus who came out on top. Hercules dropped points! Hercules final game was against Orion. The pressure was on and Hercules only managed a 0-0. Some very good play from Ollie and Ahmed left Pegasus as group winners, with Hercules finishing in third. 


So how has today's results affected the final standings? Who is this half terms champions?





Year 4 Netball Points

Hercules - 39

Pegasus - 36

Orion - 30

Cygnus - 29




Whole School Netball Points

Hercules - 215

Pegasus - 184

Cygnus - 178

Orion - 165


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion - 733

Cygnus - 731

Hercules - 720

Pegasus - 714


Congratulations to Hercules for winning the Netball competition and moving up to third in the overall points. Orion are still on top with a very narrow lead as we reach the half way stage in the year. Three whole school tournaments left and as you can see it is definitely still all to play for!


Next half terms tournament is Hockey. Hopefully see you there!

Wednesday 10th February




Year 5 had a nice cold morning to enjoy for their part in the constellation tournament today. 5S were out first and they started fast. In the first round of games it was Hercules and Pegasus who started best, both recording important wins. After a slow start Cygnus picked themselves up in the next 2 games winning twice and scoring 7 times, Lily, Agathe and Maddie playing key roles in both victories.Orion had a bad at the office and finished play without having registered a win. The next class out was 5P and again we started off with some pace, with Pegasus playing some fantastic netball and beating Orion 4-0 in their first game. Unfortunately, Pegasus couldn't follow this up with another win and finished bottom of the group. The top team in the group was....Hercules who won a hard fought first game 1-0, drew the next game 0-0, before finishing in style with a 4-0 win. Heather and Bradley were named as the standout players, although the whole team was commended for excellent teamwork and attitude in every game.


After break 5H stepped out. There were a lot of very close games in 5H but again it was Hercules who finished ahead of the others winning 3 out of 3 games, scoring 9 and conceding 0!! Ryan was integral to Hercules success as he was regularly seen and heard encouraging every one of his team mates to give it their best. Cygnus and Orion finished joint second in their group having both been awarded a sportsmanship point each by their Year 6 referees.So the final Year 5 class, 5F were out and everybody knew who the constellation to beat was. This time it wasn't Hercules who topped the group. They were knocked off top spot by Pegasus, who had the benefit of having Leo in attack who was scoring from 90% of the shots he took! With Leo spurring the rest of the team on, Pegasus managed to win 2 games before being narrowly beaten in the third. Although Pegasus won the group, it was a Hercules player who received special mention from the referees. Jackson worked hard for his team in every game and never stopped trying to motivate the rest of Hercules, earning them a bonus point.


So after all 4 classes in Year 5 the winner were...


Year 5 Netball Points

Hercules - 30

Cygnus - 25

Pegasus - 21

Orion - 20






In the afternoon it was back down to Key Stage 1 and Year 2. Their tournament was of a similar structure to that of Year 1 but involved a bit more complexity in a couple of the games. This year group could have been the most competitive so far with everybody clearly wanting to win. Jake in 2H Cygnus demonstrated some great throwing accuracy as did Grace in 2S Hercules. Joshua representing 2P Cygnus, displayed some great tactical knowledge in one of the games today and used that to be very effective when attacking. There were lots of points scored in Year 2 and they converted into Constellation points in the following way...


Year 2 Netball Points

Pegasus - 20

Cygnus - 19

Orion - 15

Hercules -14


So what has that done to the Whole School Netball Points?


Whole School Netball Points

Hercules - 176

Cygnus - 149

Pegasus - 148

Orion - 135


And the PE and Sport Cup standings?


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion - 703

Cygnus - 702

Hercules - 681

Pegasus - 678


Only Year 4 to go in this half terms Netball Constellation tournament and Hercules still have a healthy lead. Will the netball trophy be wrapped up in the Yellow ribbon of Hercules?

Tuesday 9th February





Day 2 of the constellation tournament for this half term and it saw Year 6 and Year 1 in action. It was 6P who started off the morning with Cygnus and Hercules both playing well. Cygnus were being encouraged by some great performance by Artie and Rambod while Hercules had Oscar and Eddie spurring the team on. Remi was showing some fantastic leadership for Orion and helped them to a respectable 3rd place in the group. 6S also showed us some great netball, with a special mention having to go to Charlie in Cygnus. The team spirit Charlie showed today was excellent and something we are looking forward to seeing more of next half term. Hercules were again playing well in this group, this time with Helena playing a pivotal role in her teams success, constantly moving and supporting her team mates. Both Orion and Hercules went unbeaten in their group, managing to win 2 games each before drawing with each other 2-2 in a very entertaining final game.


After break 6H took to the courts. Charlotte, Ella and Thomas combined well in their first game for Pegasus, helping them to secure a solid 1-0 victory over Orion. It was Hercules who stole the show again though, after a disappointing 3-1 loss against Cygnus in their first game they cam back to win their next 2 games 3-2 and 4-0 cementing their place at the top of the group. Finally 6F were up and Hercules were hoping for another solid set of performances. They didn't disappoint the fans and kicked off with a huge 6-1 win against rivals Cygnus with Cameron and Athena working well together to provide some points. The shot of the tournament belonged to Will in Cygnus however, who put the ball in the hoop from a huge distance without it touching the sides! Elsewhere Mahek and Ineesh showed great determination to grind out some points for Orion in some very tough games.


Year 6 Netball Points

Hercules - 36

Cygnus - 31

Pegasus - 25

Orion - 23


After lunchtime it was the turn of Year 1 to do their bit in their constellations quest for this half terms trophy. They were full of excitement and raring to go straight away. Rather than playing in matches Year 1 competed in 4 different modified games to test their throwing and catching and their movement skills. The children worked really hard and it was great to see that already they are all really keen to do well and represent their constellation the best they can. Unfortunately the camera ran out of battery during the morning tournament so we are lacking photos but we do have the final scores.


Year 1 Netball Points

Pegasus - 25

Cygnus - 22

Orion - 21

Hercules - 18


So half way through the tournament and the scores are as follows...


Whole School Netball Points

Hercules - 132

Pegasus - 107

Cygnus - 105

Orion - 100


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion - 668

Cygnus - 658

Pegasus - 637

Hercules - 637


With 3 Year groups left to compete it looks as though Hercules might be on track to win their first trophy of the year, but there are still lots of points to play for so the other constellations will still have something to say about that. See you tomorrow for Year 5 and Year 2.

Friday 5th February





Year 3 kicked off the constellation tournament early this half term due to an inset day on the final day of next week. 


It was 3S and 3P who were up first to compete for points. Games were fiercely competed, particularly by Cygnus and Hercules who played some fantastic netball with great examples of quick passing and moving using the whole team. Henry of Cygnus played a great game against Hercules scoring a hat-trick of points to give his team a comfortable win. Stan and Owen, our Year 6 referees also made a point of commending Thomas of Orion for some excellent shooting. Hercules were the constellation to finish on top from the first two classes gaining a very good 19 points.


After break time 3H and 3F had their chance to give their constellation the advantage in the early stages of the tournament. One of our referees, Mahek, had the pleasure of taking charge of one of her younger brother Armaan's games as he put in a solid performance for Orion. Lorna from Orion was also mentioned in the referees report as having a great work rate for her team and earning them a bonus point for her troubles. Again it was Hercules who came out on top from these two classes as they amassed another 17 points. 


Year 3 Constellation Points

Hercules - 36

Orion - 26

Cygnus - 26

Pegasus - 22


Whole School Netball Points

Hercules - 78

Pegasus - 57

Orion - 56

Cygnus - 52




This half term the constellations will compete against each other in the sport of netball. The children have struggled with some of the cold weather since Christmas but have worked hard on their skills when they have been able to. We are looking forward to the competition at the end of half term. Check out the rules and schedule below.