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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Thursday 19th May 2016 - Featherstone


Today Fielding brought a girls cricket team to the Year 5 and 6 Featherstone tournament at Ealing Cricket Club. Although only two of the girls attend our after school cricket club, the other selected girls have shown that they are good players during PE this half term so we had hopes of doing well.


There were 25 teams entered into the tournament who were split up into 5 groups. This meant that group winners went through to the quarter finals as well as the 3 best runners up. Up first in our group was Montpelier school's first team. Captain Lucy won a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who batted first and she decided to field. Our bowling took a little while to warm up and after bowling quite a lot of 'no balls' and giving Monpelier 2 runs for each of them, they finished on 221 runs (Each team started on 200). So we stepped up to bat and knew we need 22 runs to win. The girls were batting well and ended up scoring 39 runs. However, there were also a few mistakes where we were run out and bowled out. We lost 5 runs for each wicket so finished on 24 for a total of 224 runs. Good start girls, but lots to work on.




The second game was up against St. John's and this time we were up to bat first. Again we were batting fairly well but it seemed as though losing wickets to being run out in the first game had made a few of the girls a bit too cautious in trying to get runs. We needed to be a bit more brave. We ended our batting innings on 221 runs. The first St. John's pair stepped up to bat and we started off with similar problems with our bowling, giving away numerous runs through 'no balls'. The St. John's batters were also very good on our good bowls and found the boundaries a few times to finish on 234 runs. So after 2 games we had won 1 and lost 1.


The third game in the group was up against the favourites to win the group, St. Vincent's. We were back to fielding first and this time our bowling was much better. We were bowling very few 'no ball's and for the most part restricting St. Vincent's to single runs. Coming into the last over of the game and it looked like St. Vincent's would finish with a quite a beatable score. However, they were saving their best until last. Their final batter found the boundary on each of her balls to help St. Vincent's finish on 247 runs. We stepped up to bat and worked hard to try to squeeze out runs where we could but we were still a bit too cautious at times and ended up on 223 runs.




Our last game against North Ealing was a must win if were to have any chance of going through. We won the 'toss' and opted to bat second again. The girls had all improved their bowling throughout the day and were again doing well to not give away needless runs. In the field we were also doing well with Bethany O and Lucy and getting some great catches to take runs away from North Ealing. Eventually they finished on a very good score of 238 runs. We were starting to pick up runs a bit more often in this last game after finally starting to a bit less cautious in our approach. The girls were finding singles, Alice was found the boundary on a few occasions and we were heading into the final 2 overs needing 10 to win from 8 balls. Lucy and Bethany S were up. We started nicely with 2 no balls and 4 runs. Only 6 more to win. The balls were running out though and with just 2 left we still needed 6 runs. Lucy was waiting, the ball was bowled in and she smashed it straight out of the park with a big 6. We were ahead by 1 but we hadn't won yet as a wicket would finish us. The batters switched so Bethany faced the final ball knowing that she just had to stop the ball hitting her wicket....she held her nerve and helped us to 239 runs and a second win.




We ended up finishing 2nd in our group but unfortunately didn't qualify as one of the best runners up and so were eliminated. The girls were fantastic at demonstrating our value of the month though, coming back from  2 losses to win a very nervy final game. Great resilience girls. Well done!