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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

September 2016

The introduction of the Fielding Constellation Cup last year proved to be a great success and was very popular among all of our pupils. The half-termly competitions provided our children with a platform in which to further develop the values that they are learning in their young lives and help them to become more rounded individuals full of drive and determination to succeed. As such, the format of the competitions will remain largely the same this year, giving every child in KS1 and KS2 the opportunity to take part in competitive sport. 


This means that each half term will end with a whole school constellation tournament. The sport upon which the tournament will be based will link with the games topic being taught in PE each half term. This means whole school tournaments this year will be as follows:


Autumn 1: Rugby

Autumn 2: Football

Spring 1: Netball

Spring 2: Hockey

Summer 1: Cricket

Summer 2: Athletics


All KS2 children will take part in sport specific competition in line with their PE lessons while KS1 will also be as to compete for their constellations but in modified games related to the specific sport. Each year group will compete in their constellation tournament at different times throughout the final week of half term with all constellations playing for points for their constellation. Points will be added together from each constellation and a winners trophy will then be awarded to the constellation with the most points. Points from every other tournament will also be collected throughout the year on order to find out which constellation is to be crowned overall champion.


We would like to remind parents that they are warmly welcomed to come and support their children during the constellation tournaments at the end of each half term. Look out for details of when your children are competing each half term on the links below .


All that is left to do now is look forward to a fantastic year of constellation sport at Fielding and ask the question 'Will Hercules be crowned Fielding Constellation Cup Champions again?'