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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Week 4 - Break for SATs!

Week 3 - How many times can you bowl at a cricket stump in 1 minute?

Week 3 and we have a PE related challenge! We have been covering cricket this half term so Sports Captains had high expectations of everyone's ability to hit the wicket. How did everybody get on?





And the winners are:

Year 1 - Tilly - Hercules - 4 wickets

Year 2 - Jamie - Cygnus - 8 wickets

Year 3 - No Entries

Year 4 - No Entries

Year 5 - No Entries

Year 6 - Ben - Hercules - 12 wickets


Well done to the winners! That's another 20 points for Hercules and 10 for Cygnus. Year 3, 4 and 5 where were you this week? Get involved for your chance to win points!

Week 2 - How long can you hula-hoop for? (25/04/16 - 29/04/16)

It was the second week of the new lunchtime challenge this week and the sports captains were very impressed with the number of people getting involved to try to win points for their constellation. This weeks challenged involved keeping a hula hoop spinning around your waist for as long as possible. It was a tough challenge for some, for others it seemed easy.








Here are the winners:

Year 1 - Teagan (Orion) - 5 seconds

Year 2 - Ellie (Orion) - 1 minute and 17 seconds

Year 3 - Flora (Hercules) - 17 seconds

Year 4 - Nicola (Pegasus) - 15 seconds

Year 5 - Bradley (Hercules) - 20 seconds

Year 6 - Ollie (Orion) - 21 seconds.


Well done to all of the year group winners. A very special well done to Ellie in Year 2 for getting the top score in the whole school!

Week 1 - How man skips with a skipping rope can you do?

Last week saw the start of the new weekly lunchtime challenge at Fielding. Every week a new active lunchtime challenge will be set for the pupils in which they can compete against each other to try to beat personal bests and score points for their constellation in the race for the Fielding PE and Sport Cup. The challenge is open to all year groups with the top scorer from each year group winning 10 points for their constellation.


Last week the challenge was....How many skips can you do with a skipping rope in 5 minutes? Our Year 6 Sports Captains are running the lunchtime challenge and were fairly happy with the first weeks turnout, but are hoping for a lot more this week.



Winners for this week were:

Year 1 - Charlotte in Cygnus - 105 skips.

Year 2 - Tristan in Cygnus - 165 skips.


Year 4 - Riya in Orion - 154 skips.


Year 6 - Jonah in Cygnus - 271 skips.


Well done to all of last weeks winners for winning 10 points for your constellation. This weeks challenge is...How long can you hula-hoop for? Make sure you enter and get some practise in if you want to be the number 1 hula-hooper in your year!