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Fielding Primary School and Nursery


Junk Modelling

We love junk modelling! We would be grateful if you could save any cleans cartons,cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and any other wonderful waste materials for us to use in Nursery to make transport vehicles. No cardboard toilet tubes please. Thank you.

Nursery Gates

Please remember to wait for a member of the Nursery Team to open the gates to our outdoor classroom before entering the Nursery at drop off and pick up times. This procedure is to make sure that pupils in Nursery and Reception are secure during these busy times of day. Thank you for your help and support.

Mr McEvoy

Summer Term

Now the weather is beginning to change (fingers crossed) can you please be mindful of warm weather and strong sunshine in the months to come. Children will need sun cream applied on any exposed skin before they come to Nursery,as they may choose to be outdoors for the majority of their session. We also would like the children to have named sunhats and sunglasses if available. We do have a selection of sunhats which the children can wear if they need to do so. Footwear such as trainers and closed toe sandals are appropriate for the children to access outdoor learning. Crocs, flip flops and open toe sandals are not recommended as they will limit the activities the children will be able to take part in due to safety issues.

Tissue Donation​

We would be very grateful for any donations of boxes of tissues we could have for our morning and afternoon children.  Thank you.​

Parent/Carers Wow Notes

We would like you to share with us all the fantastic things that your child does outside of school. Wow notes are a simple and fun way for you to share with us some of the amazing things your children do. Just print of the document and then fill in any special things your child might do. Maybe they have just said something that took your breath away. Perhaps they have made something amazing or they have helped you cook a meal, rode their bike without stabilizers or tried something new. We will be able to use Wow Notes to inform our assessments.


Looking forward to seeing some Wow Notes from you soon.

Nursery Library

The Nursery library is staffed by parent volunteers and it is open on Mondays and Tuesdays at drop off time in the mornings and the afternoons. 



Learning this week

This week we will be looking forward to another busy and fun week in Nursery. 


This week we will be starting our transition work with the Nursery children. They will get an opportunity to spend some time in the Reception classrooms. We will be visiting and spending some time in the Reception classrooms on Tuesday or Wednesday.  For those children who are staying at Fielding next year, it will give them an opportunity to explore the Reception classroom. They will not be  meeting their new teacher or necessarily go to the classroom in which they will be in next year, but it will give them an insight into what a Reception class looks like. For children who are moving to different schools it will give them an opportunity to explore a Reception classroom. In the Nursery we will be thinking of questions to ask the Reception teachers.


This week we will also be starting a new topic 'Who can save the day'. We will thinking about characters who are brave and which things in stories can be scary for the characters. We will be using this theme as part of our transition process, thinking about moving on to new challenges and being brave when trying new things. We will also be completing our third and final family portraits and look at how much our drawing and writing skills have improved over the year.


This week we will also be saying goodbye to Mrs Collins who moves on to start her teaching career on Thursday. We wish to thank her for all the hard work she has put into teaching in the Nursery and wish her every success in the future. 



Learning next week

Next week we will be looking forward to our Nursery Sports Day: 

Tuesday 4th July - Dragonflies/Ladybirds - 9.10am - 10.30am

                             - Butterflies/Grasshoppers - 2.00pm - 3.20pm

Reports go out to parents/careers on the 4th of July and parents/ careers will also have the opportunity to come into Nursery to look at their child's book, or pop in for an informal chat, from 3.45 - 6pm on Thursday 6th July.


In the Nursery we will be completing our family portraits and thinking more about our topic of 'Who can save the day'.

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum