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Welcome to our new Reception Parents - 2017/2018

Thank you for our new parents who were able to attend the Reception Welcome Meeting this week. Please find attached the presentation with information from the meeting at the bottom of our notices board. 



5th July we will be having 'Zoo for you' visiting the school to have a school zoo experience!


Please contribute old school uniform

Occasionally the Reception children have an accident, it would be much appreciated if you could give us your child's old school uniform to help as we have run out at school! 


Contributions for a Reception garden

We would love to give the children the opportunity to grow some flowers or vegetables this term, if you have any spare compost, seeds, germination pots or general pots then please bring them in to your childs class teacher. Thank you in advance for this. 


Wow Notes

We would like you to share with us all the fantastic things that your child does outside of school. Wow notes are a simple and fun way for you to share with us some of the amazing things your child achieves. Just print of the document and then fill in any special moments. It might be something that they said that has taken your breath away or how they have helped around the home. A new skill such as riding their bike or an achievement in a club outside of school. All Wow notes will be stuck in your child's Learning Journeys and will be used to inform our ongoing assessments. Look forward to seeing your Wow notes soon. 



Please put names in shoes as after Forest School it is quite tricky to match child to respective shoes!


Book bags

Book bags will go home each day with your child, this will give more opportunities for you to read at home. Please return your child's book bag to school each morning.

Book bags will continue to be changed once a week for your child, it is encouraged for you to reread the same book with your child to secure key words and to develop comprehension skills. Parent comments in reading journals are encouraged and help support our assessments in school.


Junk Modelling

Please continue to send in junk modelling equipment to school so your children can design and create items connected to our topic and of personal interest.


Show and Tell

Please see the list on classroom doors for your child's assigned week to bring in their show and tell.

Spare Clothes

Please put a spare set of clothes in your child's bag incase they have an accident or get wet.



Home Learning


Supporting your Child at Home

Each week we will update our notice board to inform you of the learning that has been happening in Reception that week. We will offer suggestions of how you can support identified areas of English and Maths at home.


We will also include the learning that will be happening in these areas during the next week so you have a clear idea of what is ahead. 


Mathematics - Numbers

• Plan a picnic and let your child decide how many sandwiches and bananas you will need.

• Make a number line using birthday cards.

• Play number snap or bingo with numbers that your child has cut out of a magazine.

• Sing number songs where your child has to count backwards like “Five Little Ducks” or “Ten Fat Sausages”.


Mathematics - Shape, space and measure

• Sort out the pairs of shoes so that they go from small to big.

• Make patterns with buttons or lids, like “big, small, big”.

• Allow your child to give you instructions for an obstacle course, like “Go under the blanket”, “Go through the tunnel” and “Go behind the chair”.


Please see the materials and video links below with ideas of how to support your child in maths.


Learning in the last two weeks:

There has been a lot of assembly practice still going on the last two weeks - the children have been amazingly patient during all the rehearsals. 


Also the children have become obsessed with the chicks - they are distraught they will be leaving us at the end of the week, but are relieved to know they are going to a farm.


We've been doing fantastic maths investigations this week which the children have loved - the main investigation was: Will our shadows change during the day? 


Week commencing 26/6/17




We will be continuing with our new challenge curriculum book 'Rumble in the Jungle.' The children will be learning the difference between rhyme and alliteration and performing poems they have written themselves!





We will be covering the skill of doubling and halving numbers to 10.



Learning next week

Week commencing 3/7/17:



This will be transition week, we will be writing letters to our new teachers!





This week we will be working on knowing double and halves of numbers up to 10.


Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Specialist subjects