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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Friday 1st December 2017 - Featherstone

Today we took 12 keen athletes to this years SHA competition at Featherstone High School. We were due to compete in 12 events with the hope of finishing in the top 2 out of 16 schools for the chance to compete at the area finals. 




We found ourselves drawn into the same group as last years winners, Little Ealing so we knew we would have some good competition throughout the day. In every track event it was Little Ealing and Fielding battling for 1st place and today it was Little Ealing who were winning! We had some great results in our field events as well but have not had any confirmed individual places just yet. The tournament ran ahead of schedule today so the organisers even threw in a teacher javelin event...Fielding were 2nd....Little Ealing were 1st.





This 1-2 appeared to be the story of the day as the final standings were read out at the end of competition. In second place...Fielding! And in 1st place...Little Ealing. We will see them again in the area finals in January and hopefully get the better of them there.



Well done everybody for some excellent performances today.

Tuesday 7th February 2017 - Featherstone Area Finals

The Sports Hall Athletics Area finals were held at Greenford High School earlier today where the 4 top schools in the Ealing and Southall area were competing for a chance to go to Crystal Palace and Nationals. We were up against 3 other very good schools in Little Ealing, St. Vincent's and Gifford. The format of today's competition was the same as the previous one with children competing across track and field events and track relays, all in the warmth of a sports hall. The Fielding team worked hard today but unfortunately we didn't do as well as we would have liked to as we finished in 4th place. Still, a big well done to the SHA team for getting to the area finals and claiming 4th best in the area.


Friday 9th December 2016 - Featherstone

Today Fielding took a team of 6 boys and 6 girls to Featherstone High School for a Sports Hall Athletics competition. Events to be competed included standing long and triple jump, speed bounce and indoor javelin as well as selection of relays. Our team has been working hard on Wednesday mornings training for these events so even though it was the first time we have competed at this competition we were hoping to do well.



We are still waiting for a list of full results for each event but we appeared to do quite well in a lot of the events. At the end of the day, after 12 events we were waiting to hear the results and were very pleased to learn that we had finished in 3rd place and earned ourselves another batch of bronze medals. To add to the excitement we also found out that our strong performance today has earned us another opportunity to compete on a regional level in the SHA regional games in the new year.



Well done team, another example of hard work paying off!!