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Thursday 22nd June 2017 - Featherstone Area Finals

Upon qualifying for todays area finals for both the Year 3/4 team and the Year 5/6 team we were very disappointed to find out that some of our original squads were rated to highly by the LTA to play in the tournament. This was a rule that neither us or Featherstone knew of at the start of the tournament at the beginning of the month but unfortunately it was a rule that we had to follow now. This meant that all 3 of our Year 5/6 boys, Robert, Toby and George were not allowed to play in the finals this year. It also meant that Toby and Jake were not allowed to in the Year 3/4 finals for the same reason. However, after some negotiations Toby and Jake were allowed to represent the school if they played in the Year 5/6 finals, they were up for the challenge so we went for it!






Today's finals followed the same format as the first round of competition was contested by the top 2 teams from the Featherstone partnership and the top 2 from the Willow Tree partnership. So the Year 5/6 finals first and the Fielding team played 3 and won 3 to be crowned Ealing champions! That means they are the 3rd Fielding team of the year to qualify to represent the entire borough of Ealing at the London Youth Games. This win is even more of an achievement as the 2 boys on the team, Toby and Jake are only in Year 4 and Year 3 and both were up against Year 6 boys in their matches! Wow!



Onto the Year 3/4 team in what was a much closer set of finals. After beating 2 schools and drawing against another Fielding were left in a 3 way tie at the top of the group with another 2 schools! All 3 schools had scored the same number of points for winning matches so it went down to points scored and conceded in individual matches. After a tense wait we found out that the Fielding Year 3/4 team were....1st! They had topped the group after having a better point average than the other 2 schools we were tied with to make them the 4th Fielding team of the year to qualify to represent Ealing at the London Youth Games. A fantastic achievement for all of our tennis players, including Robert, Toby and George who missed out today. Well done everyone!

Thursday 8th June 2017 - Featherstone

Today Fielding took a Year 3 and 4 team and a Year 5 and 6 team to the Featherstone tennis tournament at Lammas Park. It was a small tournament today which was contested by 4 school teams from the area in each age group.


The tournament worked on a 1v1 basis where players from opposing schools played for 5 minutes alternating between serves. After 5 minutes whichever player had the most points won the game. After each player from 1 school has played against each player from another school the school with the most wins won the match up.


We saw some great tennis today from both our squads which shows how hard the guys have been working on their tennis in their own time so everybody should be very proud. After Y3/4 Fielding has played all of their 3 games they had 3 wins and so finished first in the competition! Gold medals all round. The Y5/6 Fielding team also gave some great performances and won 2 of their 3 games, and drawing the other. This meant that they also finished first and also earned themselves gold medals!


The brilliant effort we saw today means that we have a tennis area finals to compete in at the end of the month which gives us another opportunity to possibly represent the borough in the London Youth Games yet again! Well done!