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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

A Fielding pupil's week at school

Time to learn and apply core skills in English and maths while giving pupils access to a broad and balanced curriculum underpin our timetables.  Emphasis is also placed on science, physical education, music and French.


Music, French and PE are taught by specialist teachers.


The Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum covers all other National Curriculum areas and is organised by teachers to maximise learning.  Subject areas may be linked together into themes and/or blocked together in successive weeks.


Timetables show a typical week, from time to time individual classes may be varied to meet operational or learning needs.

Timetables 2018-19

These are generic timetables for each year group and are subject to change based on events in school. There may be some minor differences between classes. Each class also have a computing lesson, not shown on the timetable as session will vary from week to week. Classes will also have a Cooking and Gardening session each half term.


FLCC = Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum, this includes, Art, Geography, History and Design Technology