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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Children can learn the following instruments in Year 2:


piano; violin


The reason the choice is limited to these two is that in general, children of this age are physically too small to play many other instruments, and their lungs are not large enough to cope with most wind instruments.  But, as with any musical instrument, skills learnt on one are quickly transferable to another.


From Year 3, the choice is greater:


piano; violin; 'cello; flute; saxophone; clarinet; drum-kit; guitar (classical); trumpet; trombone (new this year)




There is a different rate for some instruments, depending on the size of the teaching group.  Prices per lesson are as follows, and you would expect to receive 30 lessons over the school year:

Year 2:

Violin (groups of 2) - £7

Piano (one-to-one) - £14



Piano (one-to-one) - £15

Drum-kit (groups of 2) - £12

Everything else (groups of up to 4) - £7.50

These Powerpoints have a little more information, as well as the cost (one for Y2, one for KS2):