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Gurdwara talk 

Neha's mum in 1S will be coming into school Friday 23rd to talk to the children about our upcoming trip to the Gurdwara. She will be talking to the children about the Sikh religion and what to expect on their visit.   


Morning drop-off expectations

Please ensure that you say goodbye to your child before they come in to the classroom in the morning. We are trying to foster the children's growing independence so they are expected to enter the classroom by themselves, hang up their coat and place their snack and drink in the appropriate places before beginning their soft-start activity.


Year 1 Parent Reading Volunteers

We would really appreciate it if any parents are able to volunteer to read with Year 1 children on Monday, Wednesday or Friday afternoons. Please see your child's class teacher or Miss Whaley if you are interested.


English and Maths books going home

English and Maths books are going home on Friday 7th July. Inside the front cover, there will be discussion points and on the back cover you can record constructive and positive comments about your child's progress. Please look after the books and they need to come back on Monday 10th July.


Home Learning Showcase (13.7.17)

Year 1 classes will be showing of their creative home learning to all parents on Thursday 13th July. We will be starting at 3.15pm. 



RSE Letter- June 2017

Home Learning

Top education researchers tell us that homework has minimal impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires children to rehearse and practise. We have therefore adapted our routines to reflect this. The routines for children in this year group are as follows:

  • Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. This will be evidenced through reading being recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school daily. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading is occurring.
  • Learning spelling patterns linked to age-related expectations ready for use in dictation towards the end of every week. These spellings will be on year group notice boards and should be practised at home. Dictation (recorded on sheets) will now be sent home weekly in reading folders so you can see achievement and progress.
  • Reciting multiplication tables to increase their fluency so that they can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving. These will be tested in our weekly times tables challenge and will be sent home.
  • Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.

Purple home learning books will no longer being used as practice can be done at home. You will be able to see achievement and progress through the dictation and times tables challenge sheets going home weekly. You will also be able to witness progress through class exercise books for English and maths being sent home once during every half-term.




Multiplication Tables

Creative Home Learning


Current Learning

The first two weeks after the half term holidays have been very exciting for Year 1.


In English we have started our new book called ‘How to grow vegetable soup’. The Grammar skill that we are focusing on at the moment is ‘imperative verbs’ which we will be using in our instructional text about how to grow vegetables and make soup.


In Maths we have been focusing on multiplication and division. We have been using arrays for multiplication and grouping for division. This week we are going to challenge ourselves and solve division and multiplication problems.


In Science we have started our new topic, ‘Which birds and plants would Little red riding hood find in Lammas Park?’. We have already created a leaflet about the features of Lammas Park and now we are looking at bird names. We are very excited about going outside in the playground, observing plants, drawing them and labelling them.


In FLCC we have started learning about ‘The Beatles’ and all children have written a few questions about what they would like to find out. The children cannot wait to learn more about The Beatles after listening to some of their songs!

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Learning Next Week

In English the children are now writing their first drafts of instructional texts on our book, 'How to grow vegetable soup.' We are now editing and improving our first drafts and will then be writing our final drafts.


In Maths the children are measuring using rulers, weighing scales and measuring jugs. 


In science we will be learning about plants. Children will need to be able to name parts of a plant and understand the basic structure within flowering plants. 


For our new Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum topic will be based around our question 'Would the Beetles of won Britain's got Talent?


Specialist subjects