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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Welcome to Year 1's French page

Our current topic is Les dessins animés (animations)

Our key language is:


Je m'appelle (My name is)


J'ai 5/6 ans (I am 5/6 years old)


bleu (blue)

rouge (red)

jaune (yellow)

vert (green)


lundi, mardi, mercredi, jeudi, vendredi, samedi, dimanche (days of the week) 


bon weekend (have a good weekend)


Les Pyjamasques: Sacha/Yoyo. Amaya/Bibou. Greg/Gluglu, Roméo, Sorceline, Ninja K

Miss Moon: Miss Moon, Lady Pop, Paul, Jules, Lola, Baby Joe

Eliot Kid: Eliot, Mimi, Kétou, Gérald, Margueritte, Suzie, Jade, Lucrèce, Brigitte, Mr Leon, Michel



How can I practise my French?

Watch French web-TV:

Watching French animations (dessins animés) is an excellent way to help you get better at listening to and understanding French. It will also help you to get ready to speak some French yourself! You will even learn more about the way of life for children in France.

Tivi 5 Monde has hours of animations for you to enjoy at home. Episodes of your favourite series are updated all the time so there will always be something new for you watch. Enjoy!

Play French games and explore language websites:

These on-line games (jeux) and language websites are excellent fun and a great way to practise reading, writing and speaking in French. You can even teach yourself new vocabulary!

Watch topic-related videos:

Watch the video(s) and listen carefully. Can you hear words/sentences that you understand?

Lady Pop nous présente sa famille, et Miss Moon

Pyjamasques episode 2: Glu Glu sauve Noel

Pyjamasques Episode 8: Bibou et le dinosaure

Pyjamasques Episode 11: YoYo contre le robot chat

Practise our songs:

Chanson - Les jours de la semaine