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Swimming starts for 4S on Friday 19th May.

Children need to remember to bring a towel, swim hat and a suitable swimming costumes/shorts. More information can be found in the letter section. Thank you.

Synagogue trip

Please remember to give your child permission to go to the synagogue which can be done on LASER. If you would like to volunteer to go on the trip, please let your child's class teacher know.

Museum of London Sleepover

The second installment for the museum can now be paid on LASER. You should have also received a paper copy of the letter and health form.

Children are asked to wear their own clothes to the Museum of London therefore NO UNIFORM REQUIRED ON FRIDAY!

Values Baccalaureate

The whole of Year Four have now been introduced to the Values Baccalaureate. This is a program that aims to promote the school's values-based education within children's home life and beyond into the wider community. Children need to provide evidence to fulfill the 14 criteria. This can be through any medium they desire. Children are welcome to reflect back to the beginning of Year Four and think about how activities completed at home count towards their award. In order to be recommended for the award, children should meet each criterion at least once. If successful, individuals will be presented with a sew-on badge for their uniform. This is a very exciting opportunity and we hope that children get involved enthusiastically.  

Parent Volunteers

If any parent, with an up to date DBS or Parent volunteer check, who would like to volunteer their time to read with children, let your child's class teacher know.

English and Maths books

Children's Maths and English books will be going home on Friday 19th May and they need to be return on Monday 22nd May.

Home Learning Showcase

The Creative Home Learning Showcase will take place on Tuesday afternoon (23rd May).

Trip to the London Eye

Year 4 had a great time on Wednesday 17th May despite the rain. The children were able to identify different London landmarks and they enjoyed walking in the footsteps of Kat and Ted from our class novel, 'The London Eye Mystery' the day their cousin, Salim, disappeared.

A special thanks to all the parent volunteers who helped on the day - your time was greatly appreciated.

Year 4, London Eye Trip

Year 4, London Eye Trip 1
Year 4, London Eye Trip 2



Home Learning

Top education researchers tell us that homework has minimal impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires children to rehearse and practise. We have therefore adapted our routines to reflect this. The routines for children in this year group are as follows:

  • Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. This will be evidenced through reading being recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school daily. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading is occurring.
  • Learning spelling patterns linked to age-related expectations ready for use in dictation towards the end of every week. These spellings will be on year group notice boards and should be practised at home. Dictation (recorded on sheets) will now be sent home weekly in reading folders so you can see achievement and progress.
  • Reciting multiplication tables to increase their fluency so that they can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving. These will be tested in our weekly times tables challenge and will be sent home.
  • Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.

Purple home learning books will no longer being used as practice can be done at home. You will be able to see achievement and progress through the dictation and times tables challenge sheets going home weekly. You will also be able to witness progress through class exercise books for English and Maths being sent home once during every half-term.



Spellings are collected partly collected from the list of words set by the Department of Education which children should be confident with by the end of Year 4. They are also comprised of words which fit into this week's spelling pattern. 


DfE spelling words:







Spelling pattern words:







Each week, children will take part in a dictation activity which will include some or all of the above words. 




Multiplication Tables

Creative Home Learning


Learning this week


This week, the children have been finishing the first draft of their quests. They have been proof reading their work and editing their writing to include the correct use of speech punctuation and up-levelling their fronted adverbials. They have started to write their final drafts.



This week, the children have been consolidating their understanding of geometry and shape. They have been practising their skills of plotting co-ordinates to make a polygon. They have been translating 2D shapes before completing shapes using symmetry.



51 degrees N, 0.3 degrees W


Whilst trying to understand why so many people live in London, Year 4 are starting to figure out where in the world are we? Geographical position, physical features and climate conditions all being explored and tested with the ‘Great British Atlas Quiz’ coming in the next couple of weeks in Geography. To their disbelief, people did travel before Siri, Sat Navs and Tom Toms, and just to prove it we busted out our brand new atlases and explored the world. Starting with the Greenwich Mean Time we’ve explored meridians, latitudes, tropics, circles and why days are longer in the summer, which we are all looking forward to! As one child in year 4 said, ‘Even the Romans must have realised the strategic advantages of London’s location.’


Our big night at the museum looms and be sure to pay the second instalment for you explorers’ thrilling night out in big city! All information concerning the trip is located in the ‘Year Group Notice board’ section of the website.


Finally, having the courage to be yourself was the focus this week with the touching and inspiring story of Talli Osborne and the courage she shows every day to overcome the obstacles she has faced her whole life. A few more Baccalaureate badges of the year have been awarded for being proactively courageous enough to take on the challenge of achieving all the tasks and showing their commitment and values to the wider community. Year 4, leading by example!

Learning Next Week


Next week, the children will be finishing the final draft of their quests. They will also reflect on their writing



Next week in Maths, the children will be completing their half-term assessment followed by a reflection to highlight their progress. Then children will be consolidating their understanding of identifying and classifying quadrilaterals and triangles.

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our topic this half-term is 'Why is London such a cool place to live in?'

Throughout this topic, we will be exploring why London is the capital and why so many people live here. We will also discuss how it has changed and adapted whilst also identifying the advantages and disadvantages of living and working here. The children will also produce a promotional leaflet on one of London's famous landmarks. The English story, London Eye Mystery, also links to this topic. In Art, the children will be exploring the artist Bridget Riley's work and using this to create an image of a London landmark inspired by her designs.

Specialist subjects