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Swimming continues for 4S on Friday 30th June.

Children need to remember to bring a towel, swim hat and a suitable swimming costumes/shorts. More information can be found in the letter section. Thank you.


Values Baccalaureate

The whole of Year Four have been introduced to the Values Baccalaureate. This is a program that aims to promote the school's values-based education within children's home life and beyond into the wider community. Children need to provide evidence to fulfill the 14 criteria. This can be through any medium they desire. Children are welcome to reflect back to the beginning of Year Four and think about how activities completed at home count towards their award. In order to be recommended for the award, children should meet each criterion at least once. If successful, individuals will be presented with a sew-on badge for their uniform. This is a very exciting opportunity and we hope that children get involved enthusiastically.  


Congratulations to all those children who have brought in their Values Baccalaureate portfolio this week. We are very impressed with the effort that has gone into creating them - Year 4 are showcasing the values in many ways outside of school. Well done and we look forward to seeing many more over the next few weeks.

The children's portfolios are displayed in the classroom for others to look at. There needs to be evidence for at least three areas.


Being Prepared

Just a reminder for the children to bring in a bottle of water everyday as the classrooms are becoming very warm throughout the day. Children should also be thinking about taking in sun cream which they can put on before going out at break and lunch times. It would also be a good idea for the children to wear a sunhat to protect themselves from the sun especially at lunch time.


D&T Materials

Children are invited to take in suitable materials to build their kite. Planning and creating their kite will take place over the next few weeks. Many thanks.


Maths and English books

On Friday 30th June, the Maths and English books will be going home with your child. Please take the time to look through and discuss your child's amazing work. 

**The books need to come back on Monday 3rd July so that we can continue with our learning.**


PE day changed next week

*UPDATE* On Wednesday 5th July, children in Year 4 should wear their school uniform and wear their PE kit, as usual, on Thursday 6th July. 



Home Learning

Top education researchers tell us that homework has minimal impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires children to rehearse and practise. We have therefore adapted our routines to reflect this. The routines for children in this year group are as follows:

  • Reading and/or talking about their reading to an adult for at least 20 minutes, 5 times a week. This will be evidenced through reading being recorded in reading records. Reading records and reading books should be coming into school daily. Reading records will be signed by teachers to check regular reading is occurring.
  • Learning spelling patterns linked to age-related expectations ready for use in dictation towards the end of every week. These spellings will be on year group notice boards and should be practised at home. Dictation (recorded on sheets) will now be sent home weekly in reading folders so you can see achievement and progress.
  • Reciting multiplication tables to increase their fluency so that they can be applied in other areas of maths and problem solving. These will be tested in our weekly times tables challenge and will be sent home.
  • Half-termly creative home learning will be set at the start of each half term and will celebrated and fed back on during our creative home learning showcases.

Purple home learning books will no longer being used as practice can be done at home. You will be able to see achievement and progress through the dictation and times tables challenge sheets going home weekly. You will also be able to witness progress through class exercise books for English and Maths being sent home once during every half-term.



Spellings are collected partly collected from the list of words set by the Department of Education which children should be confident with by the end of Year 4. They are also comprised of words which fit into this week's spelling pattern. 



your           you're

whose        who's

there         their           they're

heal            heel            he'll

Key words







Each week, children will take part in a dictation activity which will include some or all of the above words. 




Multiplication Tables

Creative Home Learning


Learning this week


This week, the children have been continuing to edit and reflect on their first draft under the three grammar skills on the Rubric: fronted adverbials, pronouns and alternative nouns and varied vocabulary and sentence structures. They have started to re-write their final draft including all of their edits made in green pen.


This week, the children have completed their final progress test and they will reflect on their progress throughout the whole year. The children have also be learning about statistics. We have looked at different graphs (bar charts, pictograms, time graphs) and children have been using their analytical skills to answer questions about the information presented in each graph.


Learning Next Week


Next week, children will be starting to write shape poems inspired by Charlotte's Web.


Next week, the children will be refreshing their knowledge on geometry including classifying and sorting shapes.


Year 4 Blog

The Final Furlong!

As the year whinds down to a slow summer stroll, Year 4 is continuing to stride ahead with co-operation to finish the year off strong and with the patience to reflect on all that has happened this year. With so much taken on board this year, it is important to have a look back and appreciate just how much these powerful little minds have taken in. Each and every child in year 4 should be proud of the progress they have made in their learning this year!

In order to understand the impact we humans have on the environment, a closer look at which plants and animals thrive at fielding has inspired wonderful watercolour flower paintings and some spectacular close up observational sketches! In addition to the fabulous art work, the Bug Hotel and various other holiday get-away destinations for bugs, are being created and persuasive adverts are being written to convince the bug masses that their idea is the ideal place to stay for any aspiring bug.

Finally, excitement is building with the anticipation of being able make their own kites in DT and then test their designs by flying them in the Blondin Park. The final designs are almost complete and the task choosing appropriate materials is underway.

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Our topic this half-term is 'What plants and animals thrive at Fielding?'

Throughout this topic, we will be exploring which animals and plants live at school and the reasons why. We will grouping and categorising animals, understanding the effects humans can have on the environment by looking at deforestation. We will also have the chance to be creative in art through exploring the artist Georgia O'Keefe. We will be producing water coloured pictures of flowers and observational drawings to improve the children's sketching skills.

Specialist subjects