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Constellation Football

Monday 17th December 2018

Last week all of the children from Year 1 up to Year 6 competed for their Constellations in this half terms Constellation tournament. The sport was of course football and so KS2 children played against each other in 6 a-side matches whereas KS1 children were trying to beat each other in a variety of small sided games based around attacking and defending.



So after a week of competition we knew who this years Constellation football champions were. In 4th place was Hercules with 132 points.

In 3rd place was Cygnus with 139 points.

In 2nd place was Orion with 140 points.

Which meant this years champions were Pegasus with 144 points!


Well done everyone in Pegasus for working so hard to get the win.

Tuesday 27th November 2018

Constellation football tournaments are back at Fielding in a couple of weeks. If your child is in KS2 and you would like to come along and support, find a warm coat and have a look at the schedule below. See you there.


Tuesday 11th Dec

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Wednesday 12th Dec

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Thursday 13th Dec

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Friday 14th Dec

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00




Wednesday 13th December 2017

The start of this years constellation football tournament has taken a bit of a battering from the weather but we did get some points on the board today. However, we only managed to get one class playing football before we decided that we could do more. So the majority of the constellation points from Year 5 today were won during dodgeball and the competition switched to gymnastics in Year 2. The weather forecast looks better for the rest of the week so hopefully Year 4 and Year 3 will be able to play some football! Points so far though are:


Overall Football (so far)

Cygnus 117

Hercules 107

Orion 92

Pegasus 86


PE Constellation Cup

Cygnus 319

Hercules 303

Orion 283

Pegasus 282

Tuesday 5th December 2017

This years Constellation Football tournament starts next Tuesday. We are hoping to be able to play on the school field so if children would like to wear football boots we will ask them to bring them in a separate bag. Children should still come to school wearing trainers. Parents/Carers are of course welcome to come and support the children. Please see the document below for details of when classes will compete.

Friday 16th December

We reached the final day of the tournament today and it was only Year 3 left to compete. There were some very close games played out today, particularly in 3P who were up first. Out of the 6 games played, 5 of them ended in draws, leaving Hercules to top the group on 7 points. In 3S there was more attacking play as goals were being scored from all over the place as we saw 3 games end in a 4-0 scoreline. At the end of play Cygnus topped the group with 8 points. After break 3H were out and Cygnus were playing their hardest to try to close the gap on Pegasus in the overall standings. They were doing well as they won another group with 7 points. In the final group of the day played by 3F constellations there was a tie for 1st place. Unfortunately, the teams only had time for 2 games each as construction interruptions halted play again, leaving Cygnus and Pegasus sharing top spot with 5 points each.




Year 3 Football Points

Cygnus 24

Orion 21

Pegasus 20

Hercules 16


All the scores are now in and we can announce that this years Constellation Football champions are.....



Overall Constellation Football Points

Pegasus 154

Cygnus 134

Hercules 132

Orion 118


Congratulations to all of our Pegasus children for working hard this week to ensure that Pegasus were crowned football champions. This weeks scores have made the PE Cup standings look like this...


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 253

Cygnus 246

Hercules 237

Orion 200


Well done everybody for giving us another great week of sport. Now we can start to look forward to Christmas and then the Constellation Basketball tournament in the new year! See you then.

Thursday 15th December 2016

Today saw Year 4 compete in another fantastic day of constellation versus constellation competition. First up we had 4P and once again it was Pegasus who dominated as they won all 3 of their games. The second round of games, played by 4S was very good but unfortunately had a lot of interruptions due to builders. So after only 2 games each it was Cygnus and Orion who were fighting for 1st place, both with 1 win and 1 draw under their belts. Who knows what would have happened if they had played their final games? After break we were back to a normal game schedule and 4H started things off with a very close round of games. Orion won the group on 8 points, beating Pegasus by just 1 point. Finally 4F took to the concrete and Pegasus ensured the status quo was restored by winning their group with 8 points, as they this time beat Hercules by 1 point to claim top spot.


So at the end of the morning session the Year 4 scores were as follows:


Year 4 Football Points

Pegasus 26

Orion 21

Hercules 21

Cygus 20


Reception don't take part in the Constellation Cup so with the Year 4 scores added to the running totals the tables now look like this:


Overall Constellation Football Points

Pegasus 134

Hercules 116

Cygnus 110

Orion 97


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 233

Cygnus 222

Hercules 221

Orion 179


Only Year 3 left to compete in the Constellation Football Tournament and it is looking like Pegasus may have built up a lead which won't be caught. Check back tomorrow to find out who has won this half terms tournament

Wednesday 14th December 2016

Day 2. 5P were up first and it was Cygnus v Hercules in the first game which turned out to be a very close opening game ending in a 1-0 victory for Hercules. Hercules good form continued as they won their next game before losing in their final game against Orion. Orion won all 3 of their games to end the day with 9 points. The next class out to the back playground was 5S. Although they didn't end up as winners, it was Orion who caught the eye as Riya and Theo linked up superbly in every game to terrorise opposition defences. After all of that though it was Pegasus who ended in 1st place with 8 points from 2 wins and a draw. When break time ended 5H had the chance to get some points. Orion and Pegasus both found it difficult and failed to register a win, but Cygnus and Hercules both ended with 2 wins each. Finally 5F came out to compete and in this class Pegasus turned it around again as they finished their games unbeaten and with the most points.



Year 5 Football Points

Pegasus 28

Hercules 26

Cygnus 22

Orion 21



In the afternoon today it was Year 2 who were winning big points. Today's competition for them was all about team work and communication and they all did very well. At the end of the afternoon the Year 2 scores were as follows:


Year 2 Football Points

Pegasus 34

Hercules 29

Orion 25

Cygnus 25


So at the end of day 2 the scores are...


Overall Constellation Football Points

Pegasus 108

Hercules 95

Cygnus 90

Orion 76


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 207

Cygnus 202

Hercules 200

Orion 158



Tuesday 13th December 2016

Today was day 1 of the Constellation Football tournament and after a week of lovely dry and mild December weather we had rain! That didn't stop the Year 6's from getting outside though and working hard to get the points for their constellation in the hope of lifting this half terms trophy.


The first class outside was 6P and it was Pegasus who proved to be the team to beat, winning 3 out of 3  while playing some very good football at the same time. Cygnus also played some grea football as they ended their session having won 2 and lost just 1. 6S were next out and again it was Pegasus who ended the session on top, again winning 3 out of 3! However, this time it was Hercules who were hot on their heels in second place with 2 wins. After break, 6H braved the drizzle and finally Pegasus were knocked off of top spot and all the way down to 4th as Orion this time claimed 1st place. The final session of the day was played out by the teams from 6F and again they gave us new winners. Hercules, won all of their 3 games meaning that the winning team from each class won their session without losing a single game. Very dominant performances from today's Year 6 winning teams.




Year 6 Football Points

Pegasus 28

Hercules 26

Orion 21

Cygnus 20


This afternoon Year 1 had the opportunity to put points on the board from the warmth of the sports hall. Year 1 constellations were set up to compete in a variety of relay races involving a ball and I think they ended up being even more competitive than the Year 6's in the morning. After each class has finished the Year 1 scores were as follows.


Year 1 Football Points

Cygnus 23

Pegasus 18

Hercules 14

Orion 9


So the football standings so far are...


Overall Constellation Football Points

Pegasus 46

Cygnus 43

Hercules 40

Orion 30


Which means the current PE Constellation Cup standings are...


PE Constellation Cup

Cygnus 155

Pegasus 145

Hercules 145

Orion 112


Come back tomorrow for Year 5 and Year 2!

Friday 2nd December 2016

This half terms Constellation football tournament is fast approaching so get your coats, hats and scarves ready to come and watch! Due to the weather we are not sure if the tournament will be on the field or the back playground yet but will update you closer to the time. But we do know timings so check out when your child is playing, wrap up and come down and support. Which constellation will be victorious this half term?


Friday saw the final day of the Fielding Constellation Football tournament and it was only Year 3 left to play. Before a ball was kicked it was very close at the top of the group and looked as though it was going to be either Cygnus or Orion to lift the Football trophy. However, with 4 classes to play that could all change today. It was a Pegasus player who got the goal of the day today with Teddy from 3H Pegasus hitting the ball on the half volley from the edge of the area to score past a helpless keeper. Lily and Emile from 3S Cygnus were putting on a great show with some brilliant link up play to help Cygnus to 3 wins. However, it wasn't Pegasus or Cygnus who came out on top in Year 3, it was Hercules. Each Hercules team worked brilliant together and ultimately ended up scoring the most points.


Year 3 Points

Hercules 60 points

Orion 57 points

Pegasus 54 points

Cygnus 49 points


Add that to the current football standings and it resulted in a new Constellation champion for football.


Whole School Constellation Football Points

Orion 311 points

Pegasus 292 points

Cygnus 291 points

Hercules 278 points




Add those points to the overall points for the year and there still isn't a huge amount of points separating 1st and 4th...


Whole School Constellation Cup Points

Orion 568 points

Cygnus 553 points

Pegasus 530 points

Hercules 505 points


It is most definitely still all to play for with 4 whole school tournaments left this year and Netball after Christmas. Enjoy your turkeys everyone. See you in the new year!




Only the Year 4's playing today and making their contribution to their constellations points tally. Hercules were given a little pep talk before the games today as some believed that their chances of winning the trophy were beginning to slip away. The talk must have worked as every Hercules team played fantastically today and put in a lot of points for the PE and Sport Cup. Ammanuel and Harry from 4F Hercules were 2 players who definitely wanted to make amends as they helped their team to 2 wins and a draw and a very good 12 points. Other heroes for Hercules today were Rayan from 4P and Noah from 4S. Elsewhere it was the girls who were putting in solid performances with Sofia from 4S Cygnus helping her team to 3 wins and Serafina from 4P Pegasus helping hers to 2 wins. After the points from the matches and 4 goal football were added together Year 4 looked like this...


Year 4 Points

Hercules 62 points

Pegasus 55 points

Cygnus 55 points

Orion 41 points


This gave Hercules a much needed morale boost and made the overall scores look like this...


Whole School Constellation Football Points

Orion 254 points

Cygnus 242 points

Pegasus 238 points

Hercules 218 points


Whole School Constellation Cup Points

Orion 481 points

Cygnus 479 points

Pegasus 446 points

Hercules 425 points


Last chance to score points is tomorrow and responsibility falls to the Year 3s. See you then.




Year 5 played their part in a modified football tournament this morning. Due to the amount of mud on some of our children yesterday the tournament was split into 2 halves. Four teams went outside onto the back playground for matches and 4 teams were in the sports hall playing '4 goal football' (ask the children about the rules!). After 35 minutes, all of the teams switched so everybody had the chance to score points for their constellation by competing in 2 different modes of football.


Due to the nature of '4 goal football' it isn't really possible to write up a match report so straight to the scores from that part of the tournament. Cygnus scored 26 points, Hercules 23 points, Orion 16 points and Pegasus 22 points. Each constellation team also had the opportunity to play matches and win more points for their constellation. Rory from 5P Pegasus helped his team to a total of 9 points. Elsewhere, Annabel in 5H Orion played a big part in helping her team to also win 9 points. Overall the quality of football played on the hard surface of back playground was fairly good and left Mr Winn feeling very pleased with the progress Year 5 have made with their football skills. So the final scores, made up of points scored outside playing matches with Mr Winn and inside playing '4 goal football' with Mr Thomas are...


Year 5 Points

Cygnus 61 points

Pegasus 49 points

Hercules 49 points

Orion 41 points


This afternoon we were back in KS1, this time with Year 2. Year 2 were also competing in '4 goal football' (which is sure to become one of the most popular games at the school) and some dribbling relays. Points were scarce and competition fierce in the sports hall for '4 goal football' and points were as follows...Cygnus 17 points, Hercules 9 points, Orion 21 points and Pegasus 16 points. Outside on the KS1 playground this time, the atmosphere was just as competitive for the dribbling relays.Cygnus scored 28 points, Hercules 15 points, Orion 37 points and Pegasus 39 points.


Year 2 points

Orion 58 points

Pegasus 55 points

Cygnus 45 points

Hercules 24 points


At the moment the race for this half terms football trophy looks like this...


Whole School Constellation Football Points

Orion 213 points

Cygnus 187 points

Pegasus 183 points

Hercules 156 points


...and the race for this years PE and Sport Constellation Cup looks like this...


Whole School Constellation Cup Points

Orion 440 points

Cygnus 424 points

Pegasus 391 points

Hercules 363 points


See you tomorrow for Year 4!




The first day of the Fielding Constellation Football tournament kicked off today with children in Year 6 and Year 1 both aiming to get their constellations off to flying start. After a bit of rain before the start of school, today's tournament was very nearly cancelled but as the children arrived for school the rain eased off and we decided to go ahead. It was 6P and 6S who came out on to the field first and they provided us with some great football. The stand out teams were 6S Orion and 6S Hercules who both won all 3 of their games while scoring a lot of goals in the process. Of the 11 goals that 6S Hercules scored, 7 of them came from 'Super' Stan and 5 of those were in 1 game!! Helena from 6S Hercules also had a key part in their success today making some very important tackles at the back all morning. Danny and Owen were the key men for 6S Orion both scoring and assisting with  a chunk of their teams goals. 6P Pegasus didn't have a great day today but Joseph (Sports Captain and referee) commented on the fantastic attitude they had with all of them working hard to try to turn things around, so well done Pegasus. After break time 6H and 6F came out to play ball. The highest scoring team from the second group was 6H Orion who also won all 3 games and scored a total of 11 points (including 2 sportsmanship points). They weren't however the most talked about team, that honour went to 6F Pegasus. The Pegasus goalkeeper had a great game up against 6H Hercules making a fantastic save off of the line from a powerful header from Ben from a corner. Then at the other end Sonny from 6F Pegasus scored perhaps the goal of the day, receiving the ball on the halfway line before turning inside one defender and hitting one into the top corner of the goal. Great, muddy effort from everybody today so well done.


Year 6 Points

Orion 37

Cygnus 32

Pegasus 26

Cygnus 26


The Year 1 children also had the chance to add to their teams tally this afternoon with some modified football games. Today they were competing in games which tested their dribbling, turning and close control of the ball. After all of the Year 1 points were put together the scores were as follows.

Year 1 Points

Orion 42

Cygnus 34

Hercules 34

Pegasus 28


So with the first day done, the scores were added to the total points for the year. There has been a change, but there is still a long way to go this week and an even longer way to go this year.


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion 341

Cygnus 318

Hercules 290

Pegasus 287


Tomorrow is the turn of Year 5 and Year 2. The format of tomorrow's tournament will change slightly due to the slight muddiness of some of the children after today's games. This means that 1 class will compete at a time on the back playground. So no studs needed for tomorrow and unfortunately this means we won't be able to invite parents in to watch due to a lack of space. Look out for a parentmail in the morning for more details.


The Fielding Constellation Football Tournament is kicking off on Tuesday 8th December. The week long tournament will involve every pupil in the school competing for their constellation to win the Constellation Football trophy this half term...and contribute to constellation points to win the brand new PE and Sport Cup at the end of the year.


Parents are invited to come in and support their children during the week, so if you feel like braving the weather have a look at the schedule to see when everybody is playing. Remember to check back every day during tournament week to read match reports, check out some action shots and stay up to date with the scores. Good luck to all 4 constellations!!

Constellation Tournament Schedule and Rules

Contact Details and Useful Links