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Constellation Hockey

Thursday 29th March 2018

We have had a bit of a disjointed hockey tournament this week with interruptions from the weather and Sport Relief affecting proceedings. A mixture of hockey, dodgeball and movement games have given us the final scores though for this half terms competition. 


Constellation Hockey

Cygnus 123

Hercules 121

Orion 113

Pegasus 89


Congratulations to everybody in Cygnus who have helped their constellation to win their third out of four tournaments so far this year. Next half term is Cricket so lets see is one of the other constellations can stop Cygnus from winning.

Monday 19th March 2018

Constellation Hockey will be starting at the end of this week with Year 3. Parents please note that due to the Sport Relief challenge happening at the same time as the Year 3 tournament, parents will not be invited to the Year 3 tournament. Thank you for your understanding in this and we will look forward to seeing you again at the next tournament after Easter.


Friday 23rd March

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Tuesday 27th March

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Wednesday 28th March

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Thursday 29th March

9.10 – 9.40



9.40 – 10.20



10.50 – 11.20



11.20 – 12.00


Friday 10th February 2017

Going into the final day of the Constellation Hockey tournament Orion had a narrow lead of 5 points which they were hoping to hold on to in order to claim their first trophy of the year. The other Year 3 constellations were hoping for the opposite. After a very, very cold morning of hockey we had a winner...




Year 3 Hockey Points

Cygnus 32

Pegasus 25

Orion 23

Hercules 19


A very good win for Cygnus on the final day of competition meant that the Hockey table ends up like this...


Overall Hockey Constellation Points

Cygnus 187

Orion 183

Pegasus 175

Hercules 156


Congratulations to CYGNUS for beating Orion to the trophy on the final day of competition and claiming their second win of the year.


The results from the end of the hockey tournament mean that the race for this years PE Constellation Cup is well and truly on.


PE Constellation Cup

Cygnus 433

Pegasus 428

Hercules 393

Orion 383


Well done everybody for giving us another fantastic week of competition. Start getting ready for next half term's Basketball Competition!

Thursday 9th February 2017

It was only the Year 4's competing in the Constellation tournament today so the points up for grabs seemed even more important than they usually are. The children must have thought the same as there were 4 teams who went unbeaten today, although not one of them managed to win all 3 games. It was a very cold but entertaining morning which left the table looking as follows.




Year 4 Hockey Points

Cygnus 28

Orion 25

Pegasus 25

Hercules 22


Year 4 points were very important to Orion as it meant that they hang on to top spot with just 1 more year group to play.


Overall Hockey Constellation Points

Orion 160

Cygnus 155

Pegasus 150

Hercules 137


So lets see what todays points did to the PE Constellation Cup standings....


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 403

Cygnus 401

Hercules 374

Orion 360

Tuesday 7th February 2017

Day 1 of Hockey and as always it sees Year 6 and Year 1 constellations battle it out for opening day points.


Year 6 offered us some very close games today, with only 1 team from all 4 classes going completely unbeaten - well done Pegasus in 6S! And well done to Kyrell in that team who scored what could be the goal of the day and then followed it up with some great moves to celebrate.





After the final whistle in the last Year 6 game the scores were as follows.


Year 6 Hockey Points

Pegasus 27

Orion 26

Hercules 23

Cygnus 20


In the afternoon Year 1 competed in some hockey based games. They all did very well but we as in all competition we did end up with a winning constellation.


Year 1 Hockey Points

Orion 30

Cygnus 15

Hercules 8

Pegasus 7


Wednesday 8th February 2017

Day 2 kicked off with Year 5 and as expected we saw some great hockey. Again the mini class leagues were very close with just 1 team again winning 3 out of 3. Well done 5H Cygnus for a very dominant display of hockey.







Year 5 Hockey Points

Cygnus 27

Pegasus 24

Hercules 24

Orion 20


Year 2 were up in the afternoon for their chance to put points on the board. The winning constellation finished just 2 points clear of 2nd place.


Year 2 Hockey Points

Pegasus 62

Cygnus 60

Orion 59

Hercules 55


So after 2 days of competition, the tables are as follows...


Overall Constellation Hockey Points

Orion 135

Cygnus 127

Pegasus 125

Hercules 115


PE Constellation Cup

Pegasus 378

Cygnus 373

Hercules 352

Orion 335

Wednesday 1st February 2017

This half term's Constellation Tournament takes place next week. The schedule for the week is below so please feel free to come and support your child when they are playing. At the moment the weather forecast is good so hopefully the week will go ahead as planned, however please check the school twitter page in the event of bad weather to check for any changes.


Year 6 – Tuesday 7th February

6P: 9.00am-9.40am   6S: 9.40am-10.20am

6H: 10.40am-11.20am   6F: 11.20am-12.00pm

Year 5 – Wednesday 8th February

5P: 9.00am-9.40am   5S: 9.40am-10.20am

5H: 10.40am-11.20am   5F: 11.20am-12.00pm

Year 4 Thursday 9th February

4P: 9.00am-9.40am   4S: 9.40am-10.20am

4H: 10.40am-11.20am   4F: 11.20am-12.00pm

Year 3 Friday 10th February

3P: 9.00am-9.40am   3S: 9.40am-10.20am

3H: 10.40am-11.20am   3F: 11.20am-12.00pm

Thursday 24th March

Today was the final day of the 4th whole school constellation tournament of the year. At the start of the day Pegasus were topping the table, hoping to win their first tournament of the year. If that were to happen it would mean that each constellation has won a tournament each so far....


4H and 4F Pegasus were out first to try to make that happen. Pegasus did get off to a great start with Cayo and Oliver both putting in very good performances to help their team win 3 out of 3. 4H also played some great hockey winning 2 of their games. Elsewhere Chloe was playing well for Cygnus and encouraged them to win 2 of their games. After break 4P and 4S and Pegasus started to slip. Although Rio demonstrated some great defensive work for Pegasus, between the 2 Pegasus teams they managed just 1 win. On the other pitches 2 Hercules teams were winning every game they played to gain maximum points. After all of the games were played it seemed as though it was going to be close.



The Hockey Constellation winners are.......PEGASUS!

Year 4 Hockey Points

Hercules 36

Pegasus 32

Cygnus 23

Orion 22


Whole School Hockey Points

Pegasus 143

Hercules 129

Cygnus 118

Orion 108


Whole School Constellation Points

Pegasus 857

Hercules 849

Cygnus 849

Orion 841


Well done everybody for taking part in another great constellation tournament. Next up after Easter is cricket. See you there!

Wednesday 23rd March

This morning it was Year 5's turn to represent their constellation in the hockey tournament. Pegasus were on fire this morning with both class teams winning all 3 of their games to give them maximum points of 18, before also adding 2 sportsmanship points. Cygnus were next in the table winning 3 games and losing 3 games, before Hercules and Orion shared 3rd place with 9 points each.



After break it was Hercules who finished top of the teams with a very good 17 points, after winning 5 of their 6 games and drawing just 1. Louis was picked out by the referees as the player of the tournament for them as he put in a solid performance in every game. Cygnus also played a good tournament, racking up 14 points and one of the goals of the day from Suleman who chipped the stick of a defender to skillfully score into an empty net. Orion can be happy with their morning and should also be especially proud of Saskia and Libby who kept spirits high on their team when they weren't playing with some great support!


Year 5 Hockey Points

Pegasus 31

Cygnus 26

Hercules 26

Orion 19


Whole School Hockey Points

Pegasus 77

Hercules 75

Orion 62

Cygnus 57


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion 795

Hercules 795

Pegasus 791

Cygnus 788


Year 2 were competing in the afternoon in the same games as Year 1 yesterday. Everybody enjoyed working hard for the points which are as follows...



Year 2 Hockey Points

Cygnus 38

Pegasus 34

Orion 24

Hercules 18


Whole School Hockey Points

Pegasus 111

Cygnus 95

Hercules 93

Orion 86


Whole School Constellation Points

Cygnus 826

Pegasus 825

Orion 819

Hercules 813

Tuesday 22nd March

The end of the Spring term is upon and with it comes the constellation hockey tournament. Today the Year 6 classes were playing for this terms hockey trophy. As we had some lovely sunny weather we were able to get everybody on the field at the same time and extend the game time to 20 minutes.With 6s and 6P out first it was Hercules who registered the most points collectively, with 4 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss from their 2 teams. Daniel from 6S and Ed from 6P stood out with a goal from the half way line and a hat-trick respectively. Artie from 6P showed some great ball skills for Cygnus, dribbling through the defenses using his reverse stick and scoring goals pas helpless defenders. Pegasus had a poor start to their tournament having failed to get a win from either of their teams. Lots of games still to play throughout the school though!



After break 6H and 6F had a very close competition for top spot. Their games finished with 2 teams on 17 points and 2 teams on 14 points. Ella in 6H helped restore some pride for Pegasus with some solid performances at the back for her team. She also managed to save a penalty for her team to salvage a draw in one game! More great defensive work was on show by Inga from 6H Hercules who seemed to determined to win every ball that came her way. Both girls helped their teams to a respectable 14 points. Cygnus and Orion were the teams that finished top then with Maxi and Eden from 6H both impressing for Cygnus and contributing important goals for the team.


After Year 6 had finished the scores were...

Year 6 Constellation Points

Hercules 32

Orion 32

Cygnus 31

Pegasus 21


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion 765

Cygnus 762

Hercules 752

Pegasus 735


After lunch Year 1 had their chance to compete by taking part in various relay races and playing 4 goal hockey. Unfortunately for Cygnus they missed most of the afternoons tournament as they were being rewarded for leading the constellation points elsewhere in the school. The competition had to go ahead however and the scores were as follows...



Year 1 Constellation Points

Pegasus 25

Hercules 17

Orion 11

Cygnus 0


Whole School Constellation Points

Orion 776

Hercules 769

Cygnus 762

Pegasus 760

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