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Constellation Rugby

Monday 29th October 2018


Congratulations to Cygnus, who were this years rugby champions.


Huge well done to everyone, the final standings are as follows,


Cygnus 144

Pegasus 142

Hercules 119

Orion 113


Friday 20th October 2017


Congratulations to our rugby champions Cygnus.


It has been a fantastic week of Rugby in some difficult conditions so a huge well done to all who participated.

It all ended up very close indeed,

Cygnus 202

Hercules 196

Pegasus 196

Orion 191


Thank you to everyone who turned up to give support throughout the week, it really does make a difference.

Monday 9th October 2017

Times for next weeks Constellation tournament.



9.10am – 10.20am

10.50am – 11.55am


6H and 6F

6P and 6S


5H and 5F

5P and 5S


4H and 4F

4P and 4S


3H and 3F

3P and 3S










Friday 21st October.

Final day of the Rugby constellation tournament and year 3 who were playing in the tournament for the first time.

Credit to them they had been working so hard and all the work paid off today as we had an amazing final day and it was great to see so many parents turn up to show support too.

S and P first up and it was Cygnus who edged out winners of another really close event.

Cygnus 14

Hercules 12

Orion 11

Pegasus 11


After break more excellent rugby was played but we did end up with a clearer winner as Cygnus who by the biggest margin of the week.

Cygnus 17

Pegasus 12

Hercules 10

Orion 8


So after a really amazing week of rugby the winners of the first constellation tournament are,

CYGNUS well done to you all.


Final standings,

Cygnus 112

Hercules 105

Pegasus 99

Orion 82


Well done to all the children at Fielding great week all of you have done yourselves proud, and thank you to everybody who turned up to show support and make it even more of a great week the school and the kids really appriciate your support.

Thursday 20th October.

Year 4 were up for the constellation rugby competition today and we had some sunshine for a change.

Today was some of the most competitive rugby we have had all week and was great to see just how much it means to the children at fielding.

Before break we had classes P and S and just like yesterday ended up being such a close contest, with only 2 points separating fourth place and first place. The winners in the end were Cygnus.

Cygnus 13

Orion 12

Hercules 11

Pegasus 11


After the break we had some great match ups with everyone putting in 100% to try and get points for their constellation. In the end a great team effort from Hercules both F and H earned them the win. But we had a tie for second place only just behind them again highlighting just how close this week has been.

Hercules 14

Cygnus 11

Pegasus 11

Orion 8


So with one day of rugby left to play with the year 3's the standings are as follows,

Hercules 83

Cygnus 81

Pegasus 76

Orion 63


So very much still all to play for and looking forward to tomorrow.

Wednesday 19th October.

Day 2 of the constellation rugby tournament and Years 5's to add some points to the board.

Kicked off with P and S and overall one of the closes contests we have seen.

In P it was Hercules that were the winners with Pegasus close second only one behind and then again only a point behind them was Orion.

So overall standings for P are,

Hercules 8

Pegasus 7

Orion 6

Cygnus 3


S again very close with Cygnus taking the win and we had a joint second Orion and Pegasus.

So overall standings in S,

Cygnus 8

Orion 6

Pegasus 6

Hercules 4


So after a morning of rugby the overall scores between P and S taking into account sportsmanship points,


Orion 14

Cygnus 13

Hercules 13

Pegasus 13


After break it was F and H competing and in F it was Cygnus that took the win and in H it was Hercules with a convincing win.

F standings.

Cygnus 9

Pegasus 7

Hercules 5

Orion 5


H standings.

Hercules 14

Cygnus 9

Pegasus 7

Orion 5


Overall totals between F and H.

Hercules 19

Cygnus 18

Pegasus 14

Orion 10


After day 2 of rugby the scoreboard looks like this.

Cygnus 57

Pegasus 54

Orion 43

Hercules 26


Still all to play for this week with lots of rugby still to come tomorrow it will be Year 4 fighting it out to get points on the board.


Tuesday 18th October.

First morning of Rugby constellation tournament today and a great morning of competition it was.

6 P and S kicked us off and despite some horrible drizzle managed to play some great rugby.

Pegasus dominated only losing one game to run out clear winners.


Pegasus 17

Hercules 13

Cygnus 12

Orion 8


After break it was much closer only 4 points between first and fourth place.

The rain had stopped and was much brighter for everyone to enjoy there rugby with some very good match ups.

Cygnus ran out winners in the end for the F and H competition only one point in front of Hercules.


Cygnus 14

Hercules 13

Orion 11

Pegasus 10


So the overall scores after Year 6 are,


Cygnus 28

Hercules 28

Pegasus 24

Orion 16


Very close all still to play for looking forward to round two tomorrow with the Year 5's.


Monday 17th October.

First round of the Constellation cup kicks off with tomorrow with Year 6 Rugby.

Weather outlook is not good however unless it is Pouring down we will be out in it to get through as many matches as we can.

Good luck everyone, looking forward to another close contest.

Friday 14th October 2016

Next week is our first constellation tournament of the year and it sees our children competing against each other in rugby. As always, parents are very welcome to come and support their children to see how they have been getting on. If you would like to come, check the document below to see when your child'd class is playing, wrap up warm and come down!

Rugby Schedule and Rules



...and the winner of the 2015/16 Fielding Rugby Constellation Cup is.....




Well done to everybody who took part but a big congratulations to every member of Cygnus for working so hard to win the first constellation tournament of the year.


Final table was...

Cygnus 227 points

Hercules 207 points

Pegasus 203 points

Orion 192 points



Final day of the Fielding Rugby World Cup and thankfully the weather was good for us today. Only the Year 4's left and they all knew what was at stake. 4S Hercules kicked off their tournament with a very convincing 9-0 win over 4P Cygnus. Although 4P Cygnus had a bad start to the day, Daisy and Oona worked well together and were fantastic at encouraging the rest of Cygnus to keep going. As well as 4S Hercules starting well and in fact finishing the tournament with 3 wins they also had 2 of the tournaments most improved players in Bella and Jess. The progress both girls have made since the beginning of the term has been brilliant so well done. 4S Pegasus also had 3 wins from 3 with Millie scoring 3 great tries overall. After break time 4H and 4F came out to the hallowed Fielding turf. 4F Pegasus and 4H Cygnus both played great tournaments winning their first 2 games before playing each other in their final games. This was end to end stuff with Pegasus looking like they were going to clinch the win, but a late surge from Cygnus meant that the game finished 7-7. Both teams therefore contributed 10 points to their house's quest for the cup with Zak and Cayo from Cygnus and Pegasus respectively playing pivotal roles in their teams success. Elsewhere, Amy from 4H Orion was doing a great job in leading her team to a single victory in their final game after suffering 2 defeats. 

The scores from Year 4 when the final whistle blew were...

Pegasus 35

Cygnus 30

Hercules 25

Orion 21



Wednesday has finished and with that so has the Year 5's and Year 2's participation in this years house rugby tournament. This morning it was the Year 5's and they had the great fortune to play their tournament in some good old British weather. Due to the wet conditions the Year 5 games were cut from being 20 minutes long to 10 minutes in the hope that just a little bit of them would stay dry! The weather didn't bother any of the children with every house showing how much they wanted to win the first piece of silverware of the school year. Mr Thomas' and Mr Winn's score sheets didn't do so well in the rain though so although we managed to keep track of the scores we didn't manage to keep any notes of some of the fantastic rugby which was being played. So straight to the Year 5 scores.

Cygnus 29 points

Pegasus 26 points

Hercules 23 points

Orion 18 points


After lunch it was time for the Year 2's to contribute to their house's scores. Again the weather played a part in the day as we were forced to move into the sports hall. This meant that our planned modified games for Year 2 had to be modified again to fit inside. However, it did mean there was a fantastic atmosphere felt like being at Wembley with the roof closed. The games played by the Year 2's tested their ability to run with the ball and to pass the ball accurately to a team mate. After the scores of all the classes were added up they were as follows.

Cygnus 49 points

Orion 43 points

Hercules 41 points

Pegasus 37 points


Added to the scores already in the house table looked like this...

Cygnus 197 points

Hercules 182 points

Orion 171 points

Pegasus 168 points


Tomorrow is the final day of the Fielding Rugby House Cup with only the Year 4's to play. Check back Thursday after school to see who will be lifting the trophy.



It was Year 6 and Year 1 to take part in their first house tournament of the year today. Year 6 were up first this morning and they didn't disappoint by playing some great rugby. Cygnus and Hercules dominated the Year 6 games with 6H Cygnus unbeaten and scoring 23 tries in their 3 games 6H Hercules also going unbeaten and scoring 29 tries! Other teams to stand out today were 6F Pegasus who although didn't win all of their games played some great passing rugby and 6P Hercules who were so quick offloading the ball after they were tagged opposing teams really struggled to defend against them. A special mention must go to Maxi from 6H Cygnus who after being injured in the first game spent the rest of the tournament on the sidelines cheering on the rest of his team really showing the meaning of the value of the month; Unity.

Year 6 final points

Hercules 41

Cygnus 32

Orion 25

Pegasus 18


Although the Year 1s were not playing actual games they took part in a competition which involved them competing against each other in modified games which tested the skills they have been learning this half term. They played 2 games which involved running with the ball and 2 games which involved trying to pass the ball. Every house did really well and hopefully we have some stars for the future.

Year 1 final points

Orion 62

Pegasus 60

Cygnus 56

Hercules 40


Adding the points from today to Fridays Year 3 points means the current house table is as follows:

Cygnus 119

Hercules 118

Orion 110

Pegasus 105


Good luck to Year 5 and Year 2 tomorrow!





The first house tournament of the year kicked off today with the year 3's. It was a cold start but the children knew there was a trophy on offer and were up for it. 3P and 3S were the first classes to come out to represent their houses. Hercules from 3P were being spurred on by Lottie who was displaying some great leadership skills and really driving her team on. Aidan in Orion also stood out with a great positive attitude constantly telling his team to push on. From 3S there was one young Frenchman representing Cygnus who Mr Winn claimed would be the future of French rugby; Emile played fantastically for Cygnus and helped them to 3 wins out of 3. Also with a 100% record was Pegasus from 3P, this time Matteo and Jasper running through opposition defenses. 

After break time it was the turn of 3H and 3F to show what they have learnt this half term. The effort and enthusiasm from the houses in these classes was a pleasure to see. This time it was Cygnus in 3F who could not be beat, while Hercules in 3H also played a great tournament. Finlay and Joe were the stand out performers from the second half of the tournament, both displaying some great running an scoring some brilliant tries.

Day 1 over and the table is as follows:


Hercules 37 points

Cygnus 31 points

Pegasus 27 points

Orion 23 points


Over to Year 6 on Tuesday...



The Fielding House Rugby Tournament is starting Friday 16th October with the Year 3 tournament. Have a look at the competition rules and schedule in the documents below. Good luck everybody!!


Remember to check back every day next week to read about how the houses in each year group got on...

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