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Cricket - Girls

Monday 3rd June 2019 - Featherstone

The girls cricket team were in action today at Spikes Bridge Park for this years girls cricket competition. We were drawn into a group with Selborne and North Primary schools with the winning team in the group progressing to the quarter finals. We knew it would be tough but were up for the challenge. Selborne were up first and finished batting on 227 runs, a score which we were more than capable of reaching if we played well. We did play well and finished on 256 runs to get our first win. A win in our second game against North would see us through to the next round. North were in bat first and scored 214 runs and again we did manage to beat that score with 260 runs. 


We were drawn against St. Mark's in the quarter final and were in bat first. We played some great shots and scored 270 runs. Some sloppy fielding on our part meant that the final result was a lot closer than it should have been with St. Mark's ending the game on 242. It was still enough to see us get to the semi finals though where we would meet Wolf Fields. Again Fielding bat first and some great bowling from Wolf Fields meant it was difficult for us to score and we ended the inning on 235 runs. Wolf Fields then batted very well to end the game on 247 and book their place in the final.


Although we were out of the final we had a 3rd/4th place play off to play against Berrymede now and had to try to pick ourselves back up. It was tough game which ended 234 runs to 221 in Berrymede's favour. A huge well done to our girls for finishing 4th in this years competition though, a great achievement from all of the girls.


Thursday 7th June - Featherstone

The girls cricket team went to Popefield today to play in this years Girls cricket competition. There were 28 teams entered into the competition with the winners earning the right to represent Ealing in the London Youth Games. Fielding were drawn in a group with Selbourne, St. John's, Alec Reed and West Acton. We had Selbourne in our first game and opted to bowl first. It was great start to out tournament as we limited Selbourne to 199 runs. We then picked up the bats and didn't take long to start finding boundaries and making our own runs. After 8 overs of bowling we ended on 272 runs for a comfortable first victory. Game 2 was against West Acton and this time we lost the toss and were into bat first. After some incredible batting we set a huge target of 326 runs. On the field we were bowling great and took a few important wickets to knock West Acton down to 194 runs for our biggest win of the day. In our third game we were up against St. John's. St John's were first into bat and did well but our fielding was very good in this game and after a few wickets we limited St. John's to just 1 run and a finish of 201. The girls stepped into bat and were excellent as they were running at the right times, finding boundaries and protecting their wicket really well. They finished the game on 277 runs for our 3rd win of the day. Our final game was against an Alec Reed team who had been having a tough morning in the group. Alec Reed batted first and ultimately lost 2 runs to finish on 198. Our girls then finished the job in the group stage as they hit 302 runs.



A great effort in the group stage meant that we qualified for the quarter finals. Even though the Willow Tree side were in the competition today, all of the talk around the ground was still about 2 schools, Fielding and Little Ealing. Those were the teams everybody wanted to avoid. The first name out of the hat was Little Ealing. You could hear people willing the next name to be Fielding so that everybody would avoid the 2 was! Little Ealing vs Fielding in the quarter final. Little Ealing batted first and unsuprisingly got the the highest score against us of the day so far as they scored 259 runs. We stepped into bat and were facing some excellent bowling from every Little Ealing player. We tried our hardest but were limited to just 10 runs as we finished on 210. Little Ealing went on to comfortably win the tournament which gave us some consolation but our girls should be extremely proud of the way they played today. They were excellent. Well done!!

Thursday 25th May 2017 - Featherstone

The girls cricket team travelled to Ealing Cricket Club today to compete against around 30 school teams from across the borough. It was a huge tournament today and the girls were keen to test see if all of their hard work in squad training had paid off.



We were up against Oldfield in our first game in what was a fairly slow start from us. The girls sometimes seemed to nervous to run singles when batting and gave away too many runs from wide balls when bowling. However, we did enough to get the win as we won with 248 runs to 235.



In our next game against Havelock we won the toss and opted to field first so we had a chance to improve our bowling straight away. It was better but the girls were still giving away runs as the umpire on Pitch 1 was very strict with his calls. Havelock finished on 242 and gave us a good target to aim for. We batted well with a number of girls finding the boundary and a bit more positivity with trying to run singles. We were looking like we may get on for a win but some good bowling from Havelock took a few wickets and runs from us and we ended on 242 too! Draw in the second game.



Game 3 was against Our Lady of the Visitation who had won 1 and lost 1 so far. They had a few good looking players in the team but were so do we so we felt like we could get a result. Again we were fielding first and Our Lady set us a target of 251 to beat. Again we batted well for the most part but a number of small mistakes throughout the game added up and eventually cost us the game as we finished on 248.



So going into our final game against Derwentwater we knew we couldn't top the group and qualify for the quarter finals automatically as Dewentwater were clear having won 3 out of 3. We were still in with a shout of 2nd though if we could get a result against the best team of the group. We lost the toss and had to bat first so we aimed to set a nice big target. Derwentwater had some brilliant bowlers though and although they only took 3 wickets off of us they limited our runs and we ended on 223. It was a very beatable score from the team that was beating everybody. However, Fielding girls have resilience, determination and self belief so we gave it everything we had to get the win. We bowled Derwentwater out. We caught Derwentwater out. We ran Derwentwater out. All in all we took 8 wickets from them and they ended with their lowest score of the day, 203. An unbelievable final performance got us the second place we wanted but unfortunately for the second year in a row it wasn't enough to put us through to the quarterfinals. Well done today though girls you should all be very proud!


Thursday 19th May 2016 - Featherstone


Today Fielding brought a girls cricket team to the Year 5 and 6 Featherstone tournament at Ealing Cricket Club. Although only two of the girls attend our after school cricket club, the other selected girls have shown that they are good players during PE this half term so we had hopes of doing well.


There were 25 teams entered into the tournament who were split up into 5 groups. This meant that group winners went through to the quarter finals as well as the 3 best runners up. Up first in our group was Montpelier school's first team. Captain Lucy won a game of rock, paper, scissors to decide who batted first and she decided to field. Our bowling took a little while to warm up and after bowling quite a lot of 'no balls' and giving Monpelier 2 runs for each of them, they finished on 221 runs (Each team started on 200). So we stepped up to bat and knew we need 22 runs to win. The girls were batting well and ended up scoring 39 runs. However, there were also a few mistakes where we were run out and bowled out. We lost 5 runs for each wicket so finished on 24 for a total of 224 runs. Good start girls, but lots to work on.




The second game was up against St. John's and this time we were up to bat first. Again we were batting fairly well but it seemed as though losing wickets to being run out in the first game had made a few of the girls a bit too cautious in trying to get runs. We needed to be a bit more brave. We ended our batting innings on 221 runs. The first St. John's pair stepped up to bat and we started off with similar problems with our bowling, giving away numerous runs through 'no balls'. The St. John's batters were also very good on our good bowls and found the boundaries a few times to finish on 234 runs. So after 2 games we had won 1 and lost 1.


The third game in the group was up against the favourites to win the group, St. Vincent's. We were back to fielding first and this time our bowling was much better. We were bowling very few 'no ball's and for the most part restricting St. Vincent's to single runs. Coming into the last over of the game and it looked like St. Vincent's would finish with a quite a beatable score. However, they were saving their best until last. Their final batter found the boundary on each of her balls to help St. Vincent's finish on 247 runs. We stepped up to bat and worked hard to try to squeeze out runs where we could but we were still a bit too cautious at times and ended up on 223 runs.




Our last game against North Ealing was a must win if were to have any chance of going through. We won the 'toss' and opted to bat second again. The girls had all improved their bowling throughout the day and were again doing well to not give away needless runs. In the field we were also doing well with Bethany O and Lucy and getting some great catches to take runs away from North Ealing. Eventually they finished on a very good score of 238 runs. We were starting to pick up runs a bit more often in this last game after finally starting to a bit less cautious in our approach. The girls were finding singles, Alice was found the boundary on a few occasions and we were heading into the final 2 overs needing 10 to win from 8 balls. Lucy and Bethany S were up. We started nicely with 2 no balls and 4 runs. Only 6 more to win. The balls were running out though and with just 2 left we still needed 6 runs. Lucy was waiting, the ball was bowled in and she smashed it straight out of the park with a big 6. We were ahead by 1 but we hadn't won yet as a wicket would finish us. The batters switched so Bethany faced the final ball knowing that she just had to stop the ball hitting her wicket....she held her nerve and helped us to 239 runs and a second win.




We ended up finishing 2nd in our group but unfortunately didn't qualify as one of the best runners up and so were eliminated. The girls were fantastic at demonstrating our value of the month though, coming back from  2 losses to win a very nervy final game. Great resilience girls. Well done!

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