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Game 3: Fielding Vs Holy Family

Friday 2nd Novermber.


The match


Friday 2nd November


After several weeks of intense training, the day has finally come. Mr.Winn blows the whistle, after conforming the starting team: Fielding. The opposing team, Holy Family, comes surging forwards, surrounding the ball. Slowly but gradually, Fielding makes it way towards the opposing goal. Suddenly, Noah was kneed in the thigh, a foul. Luckily, he was well enough to continue. Not soon after that, with Thomas as the assist, Noah scored. After having the ball passed to him by Thomas, Noah way was clear of defenders hence, the goal. The second goal similar to the first, was also scored by Noah. Short after, with Thomas being an assist for the third time, the third goal was scored by Emile, who was the assist in the fourth goal scored by Marco. Our fifth and final goal before half time, was again scored by Emile; and Marco passing to him. After scoring his goal, Emile was fouled; this, causing him to be subbed off as he could no longer play. This happened because of him being hit in the stomach. Half Time. The substitutes were swapped as well as the halves of the field. Into the second half of the game, Johnny and Mateo are swapped on to the pitch. With Johnny performing an impressive pass to him, Noah was able to score his third and Fielding’s sixth goal. Before acting as an assist, Marco performs an amazing volley at the half-way line, which hits the cross bar. With Marco passing to him, Mateo is able to score Fielding’s 7th goal and becomes an assist for the 8th goal, scored by Arun. By now, Fielding’s opposing team has not scored a goal but have saved a few. The match was intense. Fielding missed a good opportunity to score, but were soon redeemed by Mateo scoring the next goal. Down to the last ten minutes, the pressure to score a final goal increased. Fortunately, with Emile performing a great pass, Johnny is able to score Fielding’s tenth and final goal. The whistle is blown and both teams shake hands. Everyone performed well but today, Fielding had won: 10 nil.


Match report done by Girisha, Thank you. 

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