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Game 5: Fielding Vs St. Raphael's - Peal Shield Quarter Final

Boys Football Match Report – 4 March 2019

By Arun, 6H

Fielding v St Rapheals

Final Score: Fielding 3 (Arun , Johnny , Thomas ) – St Rapheals 0

Man of the match – Arun ;-)

The morning’s sunshine was a distant memory as the clouds emerged to bring on a bleak and dark Monday afternoon. Just as the boys came onto the field for a 30 minute warm up a downpour of rain ensured it was going to be a muddy and wet match.

From the moment the referee blew the whistle it was the start of an intense Peal Shield quarter final match. Fielding boys started off strong, with the first attack of the game within seconds of kick off. Noah passed the ball to the back where Emile passed it onto to Arun who ran forward creating the winger’s space passing a through ball to Johnny leaving him just a step away from crossing the ball into the box. The first narrowly missed chance of a goal by Fielding.

St Raphaels goalkeeper kicks it to their centre back, who then runs towards the goal and tries to pass on the wing. However, suddenly Fielding snatch the ball and are on the break, where Marco gives it to Thomas who runs down the wing and then stops to look up. Thomas passes back to Marco who then kicks the ball to Noah, where he is in the box and is able to take a shot at goal but goes narrowly wide.

A few minutes later Thomas is again running down the wing crossing the ball into the box where Marco takes a shot but the St Raphaels goal keeper dives and saves it by pushing the ball away. Just as the goalkeeper is getting back up, Arun has run past him and struck the ball into the back of the net. Fielding are one nil up continuing to dominate the game.

Fielding boys spend the rest of the first half passing the ball around in the St Rapheals box, and just before the whistle blows, Johnny sees a gap and shoots the second ball in the bottom right hand corner. Fielding find themselves deservedly two nil up.

The boys came on in the second half raring to go. Johnny took a well-deserved break allowing Mateo to step onto the pitch for Fielding. St Rapheals come on with an added drive to step up their performance making Fielding work harder to stay in the lead. As they have kick off there captain drives the ball to the fast winger who runs down the wing and just crosses it. Then there striker takes a shot but had no chance of going in as he kicks it over the bar.

Finally Fielding’s last goal came in the middle of the second half with Thomas gliding past the defender and taking the shot perfectly leaving the goalkeeper with no chance to save it.

St Rapheals upped their defence in the second half leaving Fielding with less chances to get in their box. However whilst St Rapheals created a couple of chances at scoring a goal the Fielding defence was too strong.

A great result for the home team and a well-deserved victory for Fielding.

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