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Game 7 - Semi final: Fielding Vs Our Lady of the Visitation

Tuesday 13th June 2017 - Semi Final

Fielding Girls vs Our Lady

The day had finally come for the Girls Peal Shield semi final after what seemed like a an eternity since our last game in the Peal Shield. After finishing top of our group we were drawn against Our Lady of the Visitation who ended as runners up in there one. As always we had a big crowd of supportive parents at the sideline when the whistle blew to signal the start of the game. It was a nervy first half performance from both teams with neither team seemingly able to create much of a chance. Our Lady were playing a defensive game, keeping almost everybody back which we struggled to find a solution for as we failed to really test the keeper in the second half. On the flip side as Our Lady weren't really pushing forward Alicia had a very quiet first half too. Based on how the game was going we decided that we didn't need to continue playing 2 at the back so Lily pushed up to midfield leaving Riya at the back on her own. We started the second half very well as we pushed on to try to find the opening goal. However the opening goal eventually came from Our Lady as a big boot sent the ball up field to their 1 attacking player who smashed the ball into our net. We weren't down for long as the girls showed great resilience to pull one back minutes later after a great passing move left Alessia in front of goal on her own for an easy finish. The remainder of the second half saw a lot more chances for both teams than the first half did but neither team could take the lead again. The final whistle blew for 1-1 at full time.


So we moved into extra time and two 5 minute halves to try to find a winner. Again the teams couldn't be split in open play and so the game went into penalties. So 3 penalties each and if there was still no winner, it would go to sudden death. Both teams scored their first 3 penalties with Izzy, Lily and Serafina scoring for us so we went into sudden death. The girls were nervous and some were reluctant to take a penalty but bravely Oona stepped up to try to win us the game. Her penalty just skimmed the wrong side of the post and went wide. Our Lady stepped up and unfortunately the ball went into the back of the net. We had lost 4-3 on penalties after a game in which most people would agree we played the better football. However, goals win football matches so on the face of that Our Lady just did a little better on the day. 


Today's game sees the end of a fantastic first full season for our girls football team in which they got to the semi final of the QPR girls tournament, the Peal Shield and the London Youth Games. So although we finish the year without any silverware the team should be very proud of themselves. Onto next year girls!

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