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What happens if my child is learning at home?

Our approach to remote learning

There should be no interruption to children’s learning.  If your child is self-isolating learning should be continued at home.  We will provide learning at home when pupils are self-isolating at home:

  • if we have closed a class or year group ‘bubble’;
  • your child has coronavirus (COVID-19) symptoms and/or a positive test result;
  • your household has been contacted as part of Test & Trace;
  • any local or national 'lockdown'.


Nursery and Reception

Children in our Nursery and Reception will be set learning activities by their class teachers via our Instagram sites. Links to these will be posted on our year groups noticeboards.


Years 1 to 6

Microsoft Teams is our chosen digital education platform. Over the coming weeks and months children will become familiar with Microsoft Teams as their teacher begins to use it as a tool in the classroom. Teachers will use Microsoft Teams to:

  • set work matched to the learning that is happening in class;
  • receive completed work, handed-in by pupils working at home;
  • mark and give feedback about work completed each day;
  • contact your child by audio or video conference call to check on their learning regularly.

If a pupil is unable to access the internet or a device, we will provide learning on paper.

Each class has a ‘team’. Each class member will be able to log-in to this team and will be able to see all ‘posts’ from this team and join their teacher for planned video conferencing calls.

In the event of any closure, your child will be asked to log into Teams to access links to Oak National Academy English and maths video lessons. These will be linked to work set by your child’s class teacher. Your child will complete work set in their own private section of the ‘class notebook’. The class teacher will assess your child’s work and then invite him or her to live video feedback sessions with up to 5 of their classmates. 

The number of live feedback sessions offered to your child  will vary by age group, with the aim to have one session per day with their teacher, and a timetable to work to when they are not directly involved in a video conference. 

For safeguarding purposes, all sessions will be recorded and saved on the school’s secure cloud-based server. By joining the meeting, you are giving consent for your child to be recorded on Microsoft Teams.  


What happens if my child is self-isolating, but the rest of the class is still in school?

If your child is self-isolating due to COVID symptoms or as directed by 'test and trace' and the rest of their class is in school, understandably the class teacher will need to balance teaching in school with preparing and feedback to your child at home. This means that the daily contact will not always be by video call. It could be an audio call, written feedback on work or a text chat in the 'Post' area of the class Team.


The Oak National Academy have listened to feedback and have worked hard over the summer to completely rerecord all their lessons. These pre-recorded video lessons are recommended by the government for schools to use. Lessons are blocked and link to the intended outcomes of the National Curriculum. This means our teachers can select the block or unit of work that directly links to our Fielding curriculum and sequence of teaching without any interruption to your child’s learning.

Teachers will also set work linked to the Fielding Learning Challenge that the children are working on at the time.


Be prepared

Check your child can login to Microsoft Teams, and access their calendar and their Outlook inbox.  Both can be accessed through To do this you should:

  1. Download your child’s Microsoft log in details from MyChildAtSchool (MCAS). Details can found in the ‘report widget’ on MCAS.
  2. Watch our short How to Log on to Microsoft Teams video
  3. Login to Office 365 using your child’s email and password. (Your child’s username is in the format of an email address. For example:
  4. Please add a profile picture to your child’s account, by clicking your initials in the top right-hand corner and then clicking ‘change picture’. 
  5. watch this short video by Mrs Bumby on how your child can access and use the Microsoft Teams tools in video calls: How to Use Microsoft Teams video calls

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