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Fielding Primary School and Nursery


We are seeking to install a multi-sports playing surface, up to 1,820m² (34.5m x 52.75m) in size with directional floodlights and boundary fencing on part of the existing grassed playing field to enable all-year round sports and play provision during and after the school day.



Fielding Primary School is a maintained community school with 967 pupils, aged 3-11 years old, including 129 pupils in a nursery.

The school occupies a two-hectare site located to the south of Wyndham Road. The site consists of main school buildings and car park towards the north of the site and a grassed playing pitch to the south of the site.

The school playing field is important to the school sports curriculum, and highly popular with children during dry periods, but it is prone to water-logging and becoming slippery with mud, which means much of the year it is not used. With the nationwide emphasis on increasing sports and physical activity for primary school children we need a space they can use all year round. This is why we are proposing a new multi-sports playing surface.

The site can be accessed by pedestrians and vehicles to the north of the site off Wyndham Road and to the east of the site off Coombe Road. The school’s main entrance is via Wyndham Road. Pedestrian access off Fielding Walk is available during term-time at main pupil drop-off and collection times only.


Proposed timescales

  • 8th February – 8th March 2019, initial informal consultation
  • May, June 2019, landscape architects commissioned and design development
  • June 2019, second consultation and engagement
  • July, August 2019, planning application and decision making
  • October, November 2019, construction works
  • January 2020, completion

Second consultation about our plans

Share your views after viewing our plans at one of our consultation events (see above) and our current plan, below)


August 2019, architects are working with a range of associated professionals to prepare our planning application.