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Chicken obituary

We have some very sad news to report. Last night our beloved hens were killed by a fox, which managed to dig under the fence into the chicken coop. 


Victoria, Elizabeth, Rosa, Florence, Danutia, Nicola and Kelly were the funniest, most charismatic chickens you could wish to meet. We will miss them all terribly. Never was a flock of hens more beloved, more cuddled, or better fed. A heartfelt thank you to everyone who looked after them in the holidays.


We learned so much from our chickens - about gravity and gyroscopes, how to speak chicken, how to balance them on our shoulders... and who could forget the infamous poo patrol? In caring for the chickens we also learned about kindness, perseverance, and resilience. So many children had a wonderful confidence boost when they finally managed to pick one up. 


Now our chickens have taught us a final lesson about the circle of life. 


​Thank you for so many happy memories, ladies. Sleep well.


Teachers have started to talk to pupils in class about the sad loss of our chickens. Teachers are taking special care of children in Year 2 and Year 1 who have gardening and cooking for the rest of this week and into next week. Our approach has been factual and honest while being sensitive. Parents please be ready to listen to your child and support them at home, if needed. 

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