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Coronavirus, COVID-19: School closure plans

The government has decided to close all schools from Friday evening. Nursery, main school for pupils in Reception to Year 6, childcare and specialist clubs are all closed.


The school will open on Monday to pupils who:

  • are the children of key-workers;
  • have special educational needs with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP);
  • have their own social worker as part of a Child Protection Plan or Child in Need plan.


The school is closed to all other pupils from Monday. The government has not decided when schools will re-open.


Key workers

The government will tell us today which jobs are key workers:

  • we need parents to tell us that you are a key worker. We do not know who you are until you tell us.
  • we will publish a web-link on Latest News and Twitter for you to do this when the government has told us key worker roles
  • it is essential that you tell us today, using the web-link, that your child is coming to school so that we can plan and prepare for Monday onwards 


Pupils who have special education needs with an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP)

We will send parents an email message and write to you by post. We are prepared and ready to welcome your child to school.


Pupils who have their own social worker as part of a Child Protection or Child in Need Plan

We will send parents an email message and write to you by post. We are prepared and ready to welcome your child to school.


We will be open to these pupils from Monday onwards and through the Easter school holiday so that key-workers have access to childcare enabling them to do their vital jobs; while we also provide care for vulnerable pupils. Outline plans:

  • open from 7.30am to 6pm, weekdays
  • term-time and Easter holiday (not Bank Holiday weekend)
  • breakfast snack, hot lunchtime meal, afternoon tea / snack
  • free, no fees or cost (including for Nursery pupils and what was before, after-school or holiday childcare)


These are working plans based on the Prime Minister's speech. We are waiting for more information and details from the government and/or local authority today. There is still some uncertainty so our plans may change.


All other pupils

Teachers will be publishing some links to learning content on-line while we are closed on Year Group Noticeboards. This will change each week. We know that this is a difficult time for families, access to devices might be restricted due to multiple needs within your family. Therefore we are not setting any work that needs to be completed and sent back into school.


We encourage you to create a routine for your child. This could include time where your child continues to focus on practising and rehearsing their basic skills. We will publish some links to websites that you might find useful for this. In addition to this children will also get a lot out of the following activities:

  • Reading regularly
  • Lego or other construction kits
  • Practising multiplication tables and number bonds
  • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Board games


Children may have lots of questions and worry about the coronavirus outbreak. Look out for a child-friendly leaflet on Year Group Noticeboards which may help you explain and reassure.


Nursery and childcare for all pupils

Nursery, breakfast club, after-school club and specialist clubs close on Friday evening. Easter holiday club is closed. These services are closed as a result of the government's plans. All future bookings are cancelled. We will:

  • hold advance payment made by childcare vouchers because these cannot be reversed
  • credit other payments to your account on Laser. If your family experiences financial hard-ship, we will make a refund on request.

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