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COVID-19: Emerging cases in classes 4P (Mr Perez), 5P (Miss Cowing) and 6P (Miss Abed)

Parents report confirmed cases of COVID-19:

  • class 4P (Mr Perez), 4 cases since Thursday;
  • class 5P (Miss Cowing), 3 cases since Thursday;
  • class 6P (Miss Abed), 3 cases since Saturday.


There are no obvious links between pupils in these classes. 


We encourage parents of other pupils in these classes to try and test your child on a daily basis if you can. This will help to detect cases early and prevent disruption to your child's education. There is no formal requirement for you to do this. We need your help to break the chain of infection transmission.


Please also be extra cautious with any change in your child's health. Official symptoms of COVID-19 remain unchanged. Some parents are also reporting other symptoms before a positive test result, including runny nose, headache, sore throat, fever and slight cough.


Other parents tell us that their child showed no symptoms at all. They only knew their child had coronavirus because they were testing as a result of other pupils in the class being tested positive.


These classes remain below the government's threshold of 5 cases. We will continue to monitor cases.

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