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COVID Jan 21, Learning in school for children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable

School is open from Tuesday 5 January to children of key-workers and those who are vulnerable.


Key-worker parents can tell us that their children will be in school using MyChildatSchool (MCAS) from now.  We are not seeking proof from your employer of key-worker status at this stage. Our offer is unlimited and guaranteed. If you are a key-worker, your child can and should come to school.


If you need additional wrap-around childcare at Breakfast or After-school club, please book and pay, as usual using MCAS. Childcare will be organised by year group bubble.


Vulnerable pupils are identified by us. The government has rules about which pupils are 'vulnerable'. This includes those pupils with special educational needs who have an education, health and care plan; are under social care with a social worker or at the cusp of needing social care. 


This is a different offer compared to lockdown in March. Our focus is on learning in school rather than childcare. This means:

  • pupils must come to school every day, as long as they are healthy and well. You cannot choose days at home and days in school. Pupils in school will be taught by the same teacher from the year group with pupils at home sharing different teachers from the year group. We cannot mix and match pupils and teachers.
  • pupils learning in school will broadly follow the same curriculum as those learning at home. This will be a blend of video lessons from Oak Academy, our own teachers and our own learning tasks. This means all pupils will cover the same thing in school or at home.
  • expectations for learning in school and learning at home are higher compared to lockdown in March.
  • teachers working in school will be:
    • Year 6, Mr Kausar
    • Year 5, Miss Cowing
    • Year 4, Mr Bloomfield and Miss Mohammed
    • Year 3, Miss Augustine and Miss Whaley
    • Year 2, Mrs Bumby and Miss Zurbrugg
    • Year 1, Ms Lateef, Miss Dottin
    • Reception, Miss Karim, Ms O'Neil
  • We may need to change teachers if anyone becomes unwell or shows symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19). Mr Taraboulsi and Miss Zurburgg, cover supervisors, may also teach.
  • Specialist teachers for French, Music and PE - Mme Mahvelati, Mr Thomas, Mr Winn and Miss Neil-Smith - will provide video lessons for everyone learning at home and in school.
  • Pupils who have special educational needs and their own education, health and care plan who are learning in school will be supported by their usual adult.
  • Lunch will be provided by Harrison's as usual. Choose between your own packed lunch or hot meal.
  • Pupils will be organised by year group protective 'bubble' so that we contain any coronavirus infection (COVID-19) to a single year group. There will be no mixing of 'bubbles'. This means siblings may not see one another during the school day.
  • If there is a confirmed case of coronavirus (COVID-19), the year group bubble will self-isolate at home for 10 days and we will switch to remote learning at home. This could be at very short notice.
  • Drop-off and collection will be clearly signed on Tuesday.

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