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Coronavirus, COVID-19. Home learning after the ‘Easter Holidays’ BBC Bitesize daily lessons coming soon

BBC Bitesize website is an excellent website that currently provides resources and materials to use at home for all age-groups. I know some have you have been using this website already through the links that we have provided on year group noticeboards. This website is just about to get even better! You may recall that we mentioned that the DfE were working with the BBC to produce home learning activities.  It has been confirmed that after the ‘Easter break’ the BBC will provide daily home learning for pupils across the UK to take part in.

What will this look like?

From Monday 20 April, you’ll be able to access regular daily lessons in English and mathematics, as well as other National Curriculum subjects. This will be provided through an expanded version of the BBC Bitesize website and on special programmes shown on BBC iPlayer and BBC Red Button.

The BBC have worked with education experts from around the UK to make sure everyone who needs it can access learning resources during this uncertain time.

BBC iPlayer and the Red Button service will host 'Bitesize Daily'.

This will include six different 20 minute shows, each designed to target a specific age group, from ages 5 to 14. Experts and teachers will be involved, covering what should be learned that day for the different year groups and key stages. Mathematics, Science and English will be covered in dedicated programmes, and other subjects such as History, Geography, Music and Art will also be covered. 

On the BBC Bitesize website, daily mathematics and English lessons will be available for all ages. These will be created with resources from Bitesize, other parts of the BBC and other education providers. The content of these lessons will be backed up by new videos, practice tests, educational games and articles. Regular lessons on other subjects will also be available. There will be advice on how you can support your child at home. There will also be guides for pupils with SEN (special educational needs).

I’m sure over the next two weeks more information about what will be broadcast and when will become available. I’ll make sure we share this with you.

We know that co-ordinating home working with home-schooling and everyday life in these unusual times can be a difficult task, especially if you have more than one child, or share devices. These BBC daily mathematics and English lessons are suggestions. You may already have your child in a routine that works for you. That is okay.  However, if you would like to structure your child’s days or week a little more and think about what learning activities they take part in and when, why not use our timetables that are published in the curriculum area of our website. (Use the link below, scroll to the bottom).

Don’t forget you can also find out what your child has learned this year so far and what we were planning to teach by looking at our curriculum map and knowledge organisers You can find these on the curriculum area of our website too.


As the BBC Bitesize website and broadcasts become more established we will reduce the links we provide on our year group noticeboards to streamline what is available for the children.

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