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How do you travel to school?

A hands-up travel survey of pupils in class shows that most pupils travel to school by walking, cycling, scootering or skateboarding. More pupils get to school by bike, scooter or skateboard than by car:

  • Walk to school, 63%
  • Public transport and walk, 3%
  • Scooter, cycle or skateboard, 21%
  • Car, 13%

Thanks to most families for travelling to school in a healthy and sustainable way.

Pupils tell us that around 120 of them usually travel to school by car. Reasons vary from living too far away, being dropped off by parents on the way to work, to dad 'loving driving his new car'. Some pupils live less than half-a-mile away from school but travel by car because they say it is 'too far': 

  • If you drive to school, could you walk?
  • Could you park in surrounding roads and walk the last part of your journey?
  • Do you park safely? Zig-zag lines are now monitored every day by CCTV at drop-off and collection time. Ealing Council's parking team are committed to the safety of children outside of schools and will take enforcement action.
  • Penalty Charge Notices will be issued by Ealing Council based on CCTV footage to drivers who park on zig-zag lines. Enforcement Officers no longer need to be present.

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