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Lunchtime Sports and Games

We are keen for all pupils to have the opportunity to engage is sports and games at lunchtimes 

To allow us to provide greater variety of sports and games available, appealling to as many pupils as possible we contracted Brentford FC Community Sports Trust​ to provide qualified sports coaches to run our lunchtime sessions. 

 Brentford coaches run seven 30 minute sessions during each lunch break, as part of a wide-ranging program of sports and games. Children in years 1 to 6  have the opportunity to participate in the following activities

* Gymnastics & Dance

* Dodgeball

* Multisports & Games

* Invasion Games (Netball, Basketball, Capture the flag, Bulldog, Ultimate Frisbee)

* Football

 In addition, there are dedicated lunchtime sports and games sessions for children in reception twice a week. 

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