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What are our strengths?  Where might we need to improve?

Each year we carry out an annual survey to find out parents' views. Your views are important to us.  We add your views to our own evaluation enabling us to identify our strengths and areas for improvement.   We would appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey by following this link:

Anonymous responses are possible.  However, whatever your views, it helps us to know who you are so that we can better understand and/or follow-up on any concerns raised. 

Last year we received only 276 families responded representing 362 pupils.  We would like an even stronger response this year. You told us that the things you most like about Fielding are:

Parents most liked (261 responses):

  • Teaching and learning including the ‘quality’ and ‘commitment’ and ‘the calibre of teachers who seem dedicated, professional and focused on bringing the best out of their students, and themselves’ (90 comments);
  • Outdoor space and environment, including the ‘lovely new kitchen garden’ chickens, forest, field and all of our facilities (67 comments);
  • Values-based education, including the care and compassion that all adults show to children, our welcoming, friendly ethos (63 comments);
  • The caring, nurturing environment, including warm and friendly staff (46 comments)
  • Opportunities for sport, music, teams and specialist teaching (29 comments)
  • The sense of community, including a ‘small school feel’ but all the opportunities and benefits of size (29 comments)
  • Variety of clubs and childcare (23 comments)

Parents would most like to change or improve (194 responses):

  • Communication, majority recognised this has improved but would like to see it more streamlined, some would like more communication with teachers, others about progress. (34 comments in total related to communication)
  • Nothing! (19 responses)
  • Clubs, including availability and booking arrangements (23 comments); 15 comments related directly to booking system, Others to variety of clubs available.
  • More support for teachers in class (16 comments)
  • Implementation of the behaviour policy, consistency (12 comments)

Following your feedback, we have:

  • Continued to increase the number of Specialist Clubs and spaces available for each year group. We have looked at a number of alternative providers and methods for communication including for clubs booking and have started to move across to Bromcom.
  • We recruited a 'Leader of Play' who oversees all play provision and opportunities for pupils offering a much more varied menu or play. Improving the facilities for pupils, including equipment, zoned areas and activities available.
  • We reviewed our approach to Values-based education and launched 4 core values during the summer term. We revised our behaviour and anti-bullying policies to be in line with these core values. Linking on our new reward token system and rewards and sanctions. We worked with all staff around consistency of implementing our behaviour policy.


This year we are particularly interested in your views on healthy lifestyles.

The governing board are responsible for the provision of school food and embedding a great food culture throughout the school day. It is also their statutory responsibility to ensure the School Food Standards are being met. In the current inspection framework for schools, Ofsted have a greater focus on how schools are creating a culture and ethos of healthy eating and lifestyles.

Over the past few years the range of opportunities to eat/prepare/bring food into school has grown. We have not produced any guidance on this. 

This includes:

  • School meals and packed lunches
  • Breakfast club
  • After-school club
  • Cooking club
  • Break-time and after-school  snacks
  • Cooking lessons
  • Home learning
  • Constellation treats
  • PTFA events and sales
  • Birthday treats
  • Food tasting as part of other curriculum areas eg French and MindUp

Over the next year we will be exploring this further with the aim to producing a 'Food in school policy' and  associated guidance. In particular we will be focusing on  healthy lifestyles and how we meet the needs of pupils who have specific dietary requirements (eg intolerance, allergies, medical conditions)  through inclusive practice.


Questions 25-32 of the survey directly relate to this.


The survey will close on Friday 31st January at 11.45pm.

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