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Nursery Session Fees

Affordable childcare for working parents

"Fees are highly competitive, offering working parents affordable but excellent learning and childcare." Parent governors


Session fees September 2019- August 2020

Term Time Nursery fees are inclusive of breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, snacks and drinks (per child, per session):

  • Early morning


  • Early morning ad-hoc sessions
  • Morning session
  • Afternoon session
  • Ad-hoc additional session
  • Late collection for the first 15 minutes, from



Fees are payable on a monthly basis in advance and within 14 days of invoices being issued. Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare payments are accepted.

The government’s current 'free' childcare offer of £4.89 per hour will be deducted from fees.  Early morning and holiday care (subject to eligibility), meals and other resources are not covered by the government’s free childcare offer.  


Late Collection Fee 

Late collection will incur an additional fee of £10 for first 15 minutes, then an additional £5 per each five minutes thereafter. These costs will be added to your nursery cashbook.


Fee breakdown for academic year 2019-20

?? sessions (?? Hours) x £28.00 x 38 or 39 weeks depending on days of the week and number of weeks in each term = £?? Per year (term time)

Government funding is £4.89 per hour x 15 universal hours = £73.35 x 38 weeks  = £2,787.30 per year (term time)

Government funding is £4.89 per hour x 15 additional hours (30 hour eligibility) = £73.35 x 38 weeks = £2,787 per year (term time)

Total cost, subtract government funding = £?? Per year (term time)

Yearly fees (term time) divided by 11 months = £?? Per month

(Government funding can change and we will inform you if this happens) 

Early morning session at £3.50 if a permanent arrangement will be added to the monthly invoice. Holiday sessions at £28.00 each will be added to cashbook for payment as and when booked. 

Example 1: Sessions from September 2019 are £5.60ph. The government's funding covers £4.89 of this and parents pay the remaining 71p. So parents of a child who attends for 15 hours per week might expect to pay around £10.65 per week.

Example 2: A child attending for 52 hours per week, and entitled to the additional 15 hours of government funding, would pay £21.30 for the 30 hours, plus £112.00 for the full cost of the 22 hours, making their total weekly fees £147.30. These are estimates based on the current fees and rate of government funding.



Government funded childcare                             

All parents are entitled to the Universal 15 hours of Government funded childcare a week for children aged 3 and 4 years.  All children are entitled to this funding the term after they turn 3 years old. Their birthday must fall before the cut-off date in order to receive the funding the following term. These dates are:

  • 31st August for the Autumn term (September – December)
  • 31st December for the Spring term (January – April)
  • 31st March for the Summer term (May – August)

Since September 2017, we have aimed to offer eligible parents an additional 15 hours of Government funded childcare at Fielding Nursery bringing the total number to 30 hours a week.

The additional 15 hours will be available to families who are eligable:

  • both parents are working (or the sole parent is working in a lone parent family);
  • each parent has a weekly minimum income equivalent to 16 hours at national minimum wage or living wage (£107 per week minimum) and neither parent has an income of more than £100,000 per year.

Additional eligibility applies to:

  • Parents temporarily away from the workplace
  • Parents with caring responsibility or disability

The 30 hour entitlement is not dependent on receipt of other benefits.  According to the government's offer, the 30 hour entitlement is equivalent to 30 hours for 38 weeks but may be 'stretched' across term and holiday care if less than 30 hours is taken weekly, please discuss with the Nursery Manager. To check your eligibility go to:

HMRC 3 mth check  

Childcare Vouchers and Tax-Free Childcare Payment

  • We are registered with many childcare voucher companies under the childcare provider name of ‘Fielding Nursery’ Once you've actioned a voucher payment, it will usually take 5 working days to be added to your Laser account.
  • We are registered to receive ‘Tax-Free Childcare’ payments, just select Fielding Primary School as your childcare provider from your Tax-Free account and send your child's unique reference number to the Nursery Manager.


Fielding Nursery Ofsted URN: 101897

Edenred Account Number: P21135607


Payments by worldpay

All major credit cards, including American Express accepted.