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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

Parents' views

Partnerships with parents promote learning and extend children’s development.

Working together we actively support children’s learning and development.  Together we support each child’s learning to help them achieve their best and to meet their own unique needs.

Each year we gather feedback from parents in a variety of different ways.  Parental feedback helps shape the next stage of our development and improvement:

  • Annual Parents’ Questionnaire results.  Read the summary of all responses from our latest survey:

Pupil voice

Parliament Assemblies

During the school year, we regularly hold whole school 'Parliament' style assemblies where we come together to discuss issues, giving every child a voice in the life of our school:

  • A whole cohort of children from Year 6 to Year 1 join together in one of our hall spaces.
  • Children work in small circle groups of up to 6 children. 
  • The oldest children, usually Year 6 age, become group leaders, making sure that everyone in the group feels welcomed and contributes. 
  • The next oldest children, usually Year 5 age, act as scribes for the group, recording the outcomes of each discussion.

Democracy in action:

  • Children discuss issues and come to a consensus of opinion, sometimes by voting or by taking the view of the majority for the group. 
  • Children's views help to guide school leaders and governors evaluate the strengths of the school and steer our improvements.

So far we have focused on:


October 2019 - Play

This term in Parliament assemblies children have shared their views on the following aspects of play. Which sports & games have children enjoyed participating in, and suggestions for others we could add to our lunchtime sessions.

  • Dodgeball, Football, and Gymnastics and Dance received most votes for sports and games currently offered.
  • Tennis, Cricket & Tag Rugby were the most popular choices as sports to add. We are currently planning activities for 2020, and will look to include these.

How to further increase participation by girls during lunchtime sports sessions.

  • Children were in favour of retaining days for girls only, boys only and mixed sessions.
  • Children were not certain of when they had their opportunity to participate, and missed their sessions. We are looking into more effective ways of updating children about the lunchtime sports and games timetable.

Wet Play

  • Over 80% of children were aware that we endeavour to play outside in most weather, and the need to bring appropriate clothing each day.

Improving the Outdoor Space

  • The most popular choices for improving the outdoor space were adding quiet spaces for reading or chatting with friends, areas to build dens and having a creative space for arts & crafts


May 2019 - Charity Work

This term in parliament assembly our children have thinking about the charities they would like to support next school year.  The children have selected Ealing Food bank (local), Hearing dogs (National) and Ocean Conservancy (Global).


November 2018 - Eco-committee

This term our parliament assemblies have focused on the work of the eco-committee.