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Pupil Voice

Parliament Assemblies

During the school year, we regularly hold whole school 'Parliament' style assemblies where we come together to discuss issues, giving every child a voice in the life of our school.

A voice for all

A whole cohort of children from Year 6 to Year 1 join together in one of our hall spaces.  Children work in small circle groups of up to 6 children.  The oldest children, usually Year 6 age, become group leaders, making sure that everyone in the group feels welcomed and contributes.  The next oldest children, usually Year 5 age, act as scribes for the group, recording the outcomes of each discussion.

Democracy in action

Children discuss issues and come to a consensus of opinion, sometimes by voting or by taking the view of the majority for the group.  Children's views help to guide school leaders and governors evaluate the strengths of the school and steer our improvements.

So far this year we have focused on:

October 2019 - Play

This term in Parliament assemblies children have shared their views on the following aspects of play.

Which sports & games have children enjoyed participating in, and suggestions for others we could add to our lunchtime sessions.

  • Dodgeball, Football, and Gymnastics and Dance received most votes for sports and games currently offered.
  • Tennis, Cricket & Tag Rugby were the most popular choices as sports to add. We are currently planning activities for 2020, and will look to include these.

How to further increase participation by girls during lunchtime sports sessions.

  • Children were in favour of retaining days for girls only, boys only and mixed sessions.
  • Children were not certain of when they had their opportunity to participate, and missed their sessions. We are looking into more effective ways of updating children about the lunchtime sports and games timetable.

Wet Play

  • Over 80% of children were aware that we endeavour to play outside in most weather, and the need to bring appropriate clothing each day.

Improving the Outdoor Space

  •  The most popular choices for improving the outdoor space were adding quiet spaces for reading or chatting with friends, areas to build dens and having a creative space for arts & crafts

May 2019 - Charity Work

This term in parliament assembly our children have thinking about the charities they would like to support next school year. 

The children have selected Ealing Food bank (local), Hearing dogs (National) and Ocean Conservancy (Global).

November 2018 - Eco-committee

This term our parliament assemblies have focused on the work of the eco-committee.

February and May 2018 - Charity Work

Pupils have been thinking about which local, national and international  charities they would like t support.. Star Leader investigated a number of charities and made presentation during parliament assemblies. Each child voted on which 3 charities they thought we should raise money for.

Charities chosen for the academic year 2018-19 are:

  • Macmillan
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
  • World Wildlife Fund

We will arrange one event each term focusing on these charities. How the Autumn term this will be Macmillan coffee morning.

Reading & Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum, February 2017

Children shared their views about:

  • guided reading, use of the library, book fairs and author visits
  • enjoyment and interest in the Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum


Pupils overwhelmingly enjoy their Guided Reading sessions in school, particularly their time which they spend reading with the teacher in their small groups and their free reading time in the book corners and libraries. They think that is is a good idea to have termly author visits to lead assemblies and carry out book signings and most pupils said that there was nothing they would change about the libraries.

As a result of the pupils' feedback around reading, further improvements and developments will take place in the libraries, further termly author visits will be planned and the scholastic book fair will return regularly.

Playground changes, October 2016

As a result of the children's views about our playground space, final designs were shared with children.  Building works began in November with Phase 1 (natural woodland and sand-pit) and Phase 2 (central area climbing and seating) completed by March 2017.

Reviewing our Values, May 2016

A new cycle of Values were introduced from September 2016 as a result of the children's feedback and from listening to staff and parents.

Teaching and Feedback, February 2016

Behaviour and Attitudes Review, January 2016

Improving our outside space, November 2015

Rewarding good behaviour, June 2015

Pupils' views helped school leaders define new behaviour systems and routines.  Children were asked how good behaviour should be rewarded, whether the emphasis should be on the individual, in teams/groups or both.  Pupils discussed thoughts about house systems, merit points, certificates, 'golden time' and systems in class for teachers to show expectations and sanctions.

Fielding's governors will consider all views by the end of term and approve our approach to behaviour ready for the new school year.  Read the outcome of our work in Behaviour Policy:

Computing and e-safety, January 2015

Children helped define our vision for computing by ordering a selection of sentence descriptors; thought about the quality of teaching and their interest in computing; discussed how they know how to stay safe when on-line; prioritised future spending on ICT, considering laptops, digital media and Apple Macs or iPads; thought about when computers have helped improve their learning in school.

Feedback from groups of pupils is shown below (nearly 60 pupil groups, each with 5-6 members):

Behaviour and safety at school, November 2014

Children discussed their interest and engagement during lessons; how safe they feel at school and how well children behave during lessons and at break-times.

  • Most children enjoy their learning
  • Lessons are rarely interrupted
  • There's no bullying but sometimes children tease too much
  • Sometimes children worry when the fire alarm sounds; or if they can't find their friends straight away at lunch time

Next steps for school:

  1. Dismiss children from morning school in groups, reassure children about finding one another; make Playground Buddies even higher profile and increase their training.
  2. Give notice about planned fire drills to our younger children e.g. 'the fire alarm will sound today for a practice'.