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School budget

The Governing Board must set a balanced budget. The amount of money we plan to spend (expenditure) must equal the amount of money coming into school (income). The government expects schools to plan up to 3 years ahead.

Staff costs, including wages, employers’ pension contributions and employers’ national insurance contributions are our largest cost.

We pay rates to the Council, gas, electricity and water bills.

We must maintain and repair the building and pay for all of our compliance and safety checks on our building and equipment. From time to time we renew and upgrade our ICT equipment.

We buy-back services from the Council, including HR advice, payroll and pensions administration, refuse collection and membership of Ealing Learning Partnership.

We buy books and equipment for pupils’ learning in class.

Our income and expenditure is recorded following rules for consistent financial reporting set by the government.

Consistent financial reporting means that income and expenditure of schools can be compared. We compare our income and expenditure to other schools each year to help us make decisions.  

How can the school afford to build and operate an Additional Resourced Provision (ARP)?

The building of the ARP is fully funded directly by the Council. This money is not any part of the school’s own budget.

The operation of the ARP will be cost neutral. Income for pupils with special educational needs and an education, health and care plan will match spending on staff and resources.

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