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Sport Relief

2018 - Land's End to John o' Groats

Tuesday 27th March

First of a all a huge well done and thank you to everybody who was involved in our Sport Relief challenge last week. We set ourselves the target of running 874 miles as a school in order to complete the distance of Land's End to John o' Groats. We thought this would be a mammoth task but due to the tremendous effort from the Fielding School community we absolutely demolished our target! Between the first lap at 8.00am and the final lap at 4.00pm we had been up and down the country THREE TIMES and then some for a total of 14,582 laps or 2,916 miles!! As you already know Mr Thomas and Mr Winn were running and walking laps for that entire time and had set themselves a target of completing 26 miles (130 laps) by the end of the day. However, everybody else's massive effort inspired them to smash their targets too. Mr Thomas finished the day on 158 laps which was around 33 miles and Mr Winn finished the day on 176 laps which was around 36 miles! One more person who deserves a huge thanks for everything that she done on the day is Mrs Hodge. Mrs Hodge organised absolutely everything on the day and without her hard work we wouldn't have come close to raising all this money, so a MASSIVE THANK YOU must go to her!


We are extremely proud of every single person who took part on Friday and because of all of your hard work we have currently raised....




We set ourselves a fundraising target of £2500 before we started so are currently just short of that target. However, we are still hoping that because we smashed our miles target we can also smash our fundraising target!


So if you haven't donated yet and would like to please follow the link below. Also if you have already donated but want to donate again please feel free!


Once again, thank you to each and every one of you! You should all be very proud of all of your excellent work in raising money for the great cause that is Sport Relief. Check out some of the fantastic photos below to see how good a day we all had!



Friday 16th March

Sport Relief 2018 is back next week and after such a successful event for Sport Relief 2016 where we played in a Sunrise to Sunset football match, we wanted to maintain our new tradition of completing a whole school challenge of epic proportions. So this year we have decided that we are going to collectively run the distance it takes to travel from Land's End down in Cornwall all the way up the British Isles to the very northern John o' Groats in Scotland. This mammoth distance is a huge 874 miles! We already know that 5 laps of our school field is 1 mile and so have worked out that we only need to do 4370 laps to cover that distance!


As with the last event, we want the whole school community to get involved in the day (including the parents!) so we can all say we have completed the challenge. Mr Thomas and Mr Winn will kick off the challenge at 8.00am on Friday 23rd March with Cross Country club. We are then hoping that parents will want to get involved and cross off some laps between 8.30am and 9.00am. Then throughout the school day, classes will come out to field with their teacher to join Mr Thomas and Mr Winn, to run or walk as many laps as they can in half hour slots. Mr Thomas and Mr Winn will be running a mile with every single class that comes out so will be running a marathon 26 miles each by the end of the day. At 3.15pm it will be the parents turn to get involved again to try to get some more laps off of the target before we finish at 4.00pm. If all goes well we should have completed the required laps by then! If not, Mr Thomas and Mr Winn will have a late night!


We were told this week by comic relief, that thanks to all of your generous donations for the last challenge in 2016, Fielding were in the top 1500 schools nationally for money raised for Sport Relief. That is a fantastic achievement so thank you very much for all of your support for that last one. It's a big target but we want to get near that again this year. So children are invited to come to school on Friday 23rd March in their own sporting attire - the sportier the better! We are just going to ask that they also bring £1 as a suggested donation for the day. If you are feeling extra generous and are planning on joining us to run either before or after school there will also be a collection bucket near the start line for any spare pennies you may have lying around. Alternatively, you can donate online via out just giving page at:


What we don't want is anybody to stress about taking part in the challenge. Remember, you can walk around the field if you want to. You can run a lap then walk a lap. You can run for the whole time. It does not matter how you take part, just 1 lap will help us raise some money for a really great cause.


So remember your trainers and your sports kit on Friday 23rd March to help Fielding get from Land's End to John o' Groats.

2016 - Sunrise to Sunset Football at Fielding Primary School

This year at Fielding we have decided that to do our bit for Sport Relief we would organise and play 12 hour sunrise to sunset football match. Mr Thomas and Mr Winn will each captain a team and will both play for the full 12 hours. The rest of the school will sub on and off throughout the day to ensure that the game continues without a break for every single minute of daylight on Friday 18th March.


Please check the documents below to see what time each class will be playing and please feel free to come down and support your children and Mr Thomas and Mr Winn during their slots. Also please check out the details of what time you are playing if you signed up to play before or after school. Please note that some changes have been made to try to accommodate as many children as possible so please double check your times as you may have a slightly different one to one that you asked for!


Its very easy to donate this year!! You can either bring money with you on the day and put it in the bucket or you can donate online at The choice is yours! Thank you very much for all of your kind support this year. We look forward to seeing lots of you on Friday 18th March.


Wear your own clothes!

On Friday 18th March children are welcome to wear their own clothes to school to show support for Sport Relief. Dress up as your sporting hero! Wear your favourite sports kit! Just remember everybody is being invited to play in the sunrise to sunset football match on Friday so try to wear something that you can be a little bit active in.


Please bring in just £1 for the Sport Relief bucket on Friday so that you can wear your kit and play in the game.

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