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Year 4: PGL at Marchants Hill, Surrey

PGL, Marchants Hill. Monday 5th June - Tuesday 6th June


CLARIFICATION - You do not need to bring your own bedding. Marchants Hill are providing bedding for us.



We are getting closer to our rearranged trip to Marchants Hill PGL and know that children and parents are starting to get excited. Remember to look on the Year 4 notice board and follow the residential trips quick link to find all of the current information about the trip.


Please can you ensure that children are dropped off to school at 7.00am. Entry to the school at this time will be via the main entrance. We will ask parents and carers to say goodbye to their children in the playground. Children will then bring their bag upstairs with them and will start to gather in their classrooms. Please be prompt so that we have sufficient time to organise the children and are ready to leave via coaches at 8.00am.


Children should arrive to school on Monday wearing clothes which are suitable for activities. When we arrive at Marchants Hill, bags will be dropped at a central location before children will get into their activity groups and head to their first activity. Dorm rooms will not be ready for us on arrival so there will be nowhere for children to change when we arrive.


Children will take part in 3 daytime activities and an evening activity on Monday. They will then enjoy 2 further activities on Tuesday. Children will eat lunch and dinner on Monday and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday. Please do not pack extra snacks and sweets for your child. They will not be needed. Children will not be allowed to eat sweets in their dorms.


If your child requires medication for the trip please drop this into school by the end of the day Thursday 25th May. It should be in its original box and clearly labelled with your child’s name and class. Please also include any specific instructions for administering it. Please also ensure that you have provided up to date medical information by completing the Microsoft forms survey which was sent out.


We will arrive back in school on Tuesday 6th June between 3.30pm and 4.00pm. Coaches will stop at the Coombe Road entrance. All bags will be unloaded first. Children will then gather in their activity groups with their designated adult who will dismiss them when parents or carers are there. Please do not take you child without letting their designated adult know.


What to bring (ensure all items are named)

Trousers or leggings (not jeans)


T-shirts/Long sleeve t-shirts (arms may need to be covered for some activities)


Warm Evening clothes


Underwear and socks



2 pairs of trainers (a pair which will stay dry and a pair which might get wet and bag to transport any wet clothes)


Wash bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo)

Small rucksack or bag

Water bottle

Water-proof jacket, depending on the weather

Optional items

Book for evening/waiting times

Disposable camera (no electronic ones)

Cuddly toy etc. for sleeping

Do not bring

Any electronics, including mobile phones.

Any valuables.

Any jewellery



Please take a look on the link below for useful information the centre at Marchants Hill.

Marchants Hill Main Page


There is also some useful information on the parent guide page. Please look at the links below for some general information provided by PGL.

Kit List







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