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Fielding Primary School and Nursery

What is it?

The Fielding Marathon is our very own running race which was started in the summer term of 2017. Children are invited to take part by completing 1 mile (5 laps of the field) at a time and tick off mile by mile as they complete them. There is no time limit to complete the marathon, children are encouraged to take part and run it at their own pace. The Fielding Marathon is not just open to children, we also encourage parents, granparents, carers, nannys or anybody else that comes to school on a Monday morning to take part as well. 


If you want to take part in the marathon all you need to do is meet on a Monday morning at 8.30am at the pirate ship or a Tuesday to Friday lunchtime at 12.40pm. At your first run you will collect a marathon card (below) and then each run you do a sports captain will stamp off your miles so remember to bring your card with you to every run!




As you tick off your miles you will earn little tokens of recognition to help keep you motivated to carry on. After 6 miles you will receive a Marathon sticker, after 13 miles you will receive a Marathon band and after finally completing the marathon you will receive a Marathon medal and certificate.




Fielding Marathon Finishers 2017-18

Finisher Finish Date Finish Time
Sam J Yr6 19/12/17 3:05:07
Christian S Yr5 19/12/17 2:57:49
Flora A Yr5 19/12/17  
Georgie C Yr5 19/12/17  
Amabelle H Yr5 19/12/17  
Alec E Yr6 19/12/17  
Wacil M Yr5 19/12/17 2:57:27
Ellie C Yr4 19/12/17  
Henry B Yr5 19/12/17  
Daisy E Yr6 19/12/17  
Theo F Yr1 19/03/18  
Henri M Yr1 19/03/18  
Ruth P Yr1 19/03/18  
Ryad M Yr1 19/03/18  
Jacob B Yr1 19/03/18  
Marcus M Yr2 19/03/18  
Joshua B Yr4 01/07/18  
Greta P Yr4 01/07/18  
Kieran F Yr1 01/07/18  
Charlotte B Yr2 01/07/18  

Theo F Yr1

Henri M Yr1 01/07/18  
Natalia P Yr1 01/07/18  
Ruth P Yr1 01/07/18  
Jem L Yr1 01/07/18  
Yvette (Parent!) 01/07/18