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Our cultural and language experience in Burgundy, France


Bonjour! On this page you will find all the information you need to learn more about our trip to Burgundy in July 2017! If you are lucky enough to be going on the trip, make sure you read everything carefully and prepare yourself well so that you can get the best out of this wonderful adventure!

What is the purpose of this trip?


The most important purpose of this trip is to have an unforgettable time with your friends and teachers as you reach the end of your primary school experience.


Undoubtedly, you will also gain some other very valuable experiences while we are away. You will be able to:


  • put your French into practise by speaking to local people;
  • learn more French;
  • experience French culture and way of life;
  • enjoy nature;
  • try new foods;
  • become more independent when travelling without your family;
  • improve your team working skills.

When are we going?


We will be leaving on Monday 10th July and will be back on Saturday 15th July in the evening. We will be staying five nights and will have four full days of activities in France. In fact, we are lucky enough to be in France during the Bastille Day celebrations known as 'le quatorze juillet' (14th July).


Which part of France are we going to?


We are going to the region of Bourgogne (in purple) - we often refer to this region as Burgundy.


How will we get there?


The journey itself is one big adventure!



We will be travelling by coach. We will cross the English Channel at Folkestone using the Eurotunnel (click here to learn more about the history of the Eurotunnel).

It will take approximately 10 hours, which includes three or four rest/toilet breaks at service stations along the way. There are toilet facilities on the coach in case you need to use them inbetween stops.

You will need to bring a packed lunch and snacks with you for the journey.

Where will we stay?


We will be staying at the Maison Claire Fontaine centre, at their Lac Sauvin site.


Address: Centre D’Acceuil  du Lac Sauvin, 89270 Arcy-Sur-Cure,  France

Telephone: + 33 386 34 36 04 / + 44 7961 331 577



We will be the only school on the site which makes it extra special for us. You can learn more about the site and it's facilities by visiting their pupil page.


You will be sleeping in shared dormitories on site - these all range in size. Girls and boys dorms, showers and toilet facilities are completely separate from one another. You will be asked to provide your teachers with a short list of friends with whom you would like to share your dorm, and will make sure that you will be with at least one of these friends during your stay.


To give you an idea of the site and its local surroundings, here are some photographs I took when I went to visit in July 2016.

What activities will we be doing out there?


Here is our provisional emploi du temps (timetable). Use this online dictionary to help you understand the activities.


What will we eat?


Food is an important part of any visit to France. Burgundy is a particularly gastronomic region and during the trip you will get to try some of these foods during your meals at the centre. The exact menu will be a surprise! You will be having two full three course meals each day for lunch and dinner along with a continental style breakfast. A small snack is also served in the afternoon.


You will even get to try foods from the local markets and producers when we go on some of our excursions.


If you have any special dietary needs, the chefs at Lac Sauvin will take good care of you and make sure that you have all the right foods.


Be prepared to speak lots of French at meal time!

What will the weather be like in Burgundy?


The weather in July should be quite warm, but it can also be rainy so come prepared.




What do we need to bring?

Between €10-20 is the recommended amount for the trip. Money must already be in Euros and should be kept in a purse or wallet clearly labelled with your name. You will be responsible for your money throughout the trip. There may be opportunities to buy an ice-cream and/or some small souvenirs when in town. There will not be a tuck shop on site. Maison Claire Fontaine also sell their own souvenirs/merchandise, should you wish to purchase something.



Packing List:

A full printable packing list is attached below.

Pictures and videos



France 2017: mardi et mercredi

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France 2017: jeudi

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France 2017: vendredi

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