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Fielding Primary School and Nursery


Remember to choose some book swap books! See below for details.


Hot weather next week! See below for more details.

Nursery Sports Day


Nursery Sports Day will be on Tuesday 3rd July 2018. We will be having AM and PM sports events. The AM event will be at 9.15 to 10.20 am on the school field. The PM event will be on the same day starting at 2.00pm and finishing at about 3.05pm also on the school field. Both events will be the same. We are running AM and PM sessions to accommodate our morning and afternoon children.


If you child would like to take part in the Sport Day events and they do not attend Nursery on Tuesdays, then feel free to bring them to the event, but you will remain responsible for them while they are attending the event. If you have any questions about this please ask Mr McEvoy or a member of the Nursery Team.

World Cup Dough Gym.

A big thank you to all the parents and carers who were able to attend one of our outdoor 'Dough Gym' sessions this week. I hope you enjoyed it. The children really enjoy dough gym sessions and they are having a great impact on their gross and fine motor skills. 

Nursery in the warm weather

We will be experiencing some very hot weather over the next few weeks, please help us make sure your child is prepared for the sunshine.

  • Children should bring a water bottle to nursery
  • Sunscreen should be applied before nursery, please help your child to learn how to apply sunscreen so that they can reapply during the day. Do ensure that your child’s sunscreen is clearly labelled and in their bag.
  • Hats are a great way to help protect your child’s head and eyes from the sun, some hats have a tail on the back to protect the neck area too.
  • Sunglasses can also be worn (if they have them) please clearly label with your child’s name.

Appropriate Footwear

  • All children must wear socks and comfortable shoes or trainers – no open toe sandals or crocs please.
  • If you child’s comes without appropriate footwear, please do not be offended when we remind you to bring your child in comfortable shoes, trainers and socks.
  • If your child has any old shoes that they no longer wear, we would appreciate these in nursery as spares.
  • (please refer to your information pack at the start of September for more information)

Value Stars

Each day in the Nursery we will be choosing a boy and girl in the morning session and a boy and girl in the afternoon session who we believe to be 'Value Stars'. These are children who always make good choices and are role models to the other children in the Nursery. The children which are awarded 'Value Stars' demonstrate the core values at Fielding Primary School and Nursery. The children receive a small certificate and a sticker. Their picture is then placed on our Value Star board in the classroom for all the other children to see. Please watch out and listen for when your child brings home their 'Value Star' award.

Afternoon Sessions


Afternoon sessions in the Nursery are very busy times. We have a lot of learning and exploring to do. We always try to start our afternoon sessions at about 1.05pm with Dough Gym. Can you please try and be on time for our afternoon sessions so that your child does not miss out. Please try and be at Nursery at 1pm for the afternoon session. Thank you.



Nursery Book Swap

Nursery Book Swap has started for the  Summer Term. Please read the letter attached for all the information you need to know.

Messy Play

In the Nursery we like to give the children opportunities to explore colour and texture. We do try to supply the the children with aprons for painting and remind them to 'roll up sleeves' when using messy materials. Sometime the children will get grubby when playing outside or they may get paint or other tactile materials on their clothes. We therefore recommend that parents do not send their children to nursery in clothes which they do not want marked or possibly stained . Sometimes good learning means getting messy. Thank you. 

Nursery Entry and Exit Routes

The entry and exit points for Nursery, outside of normal whole school pick and drop off times (8.30-9.00am and 3.15pm-3.45pm) ,are via the gates in Coombe Road and along the fenced path which leads into Nursery. For safeguarding reasons please do not use any other route to drop off or collect your children. Thank you.

Early pick up during a session.

If you wish to pick up your child early during Nursery session times we would be grateful if you could let us know in advance, or phone or email. By letting us know about early session collection, children can be ready and waiting for collected. This will mean that you will not be left waiting outside for too long, especially as Autumn turns to Winter. Also as you know the children have lunch between 11.30 and 12.00 and tea from 3.00 to 3.30pm, so it would be best to collect either before or after these times. Thank you for your help and co-operation during these transition times.

Summer Clothing

Can you please make sure that you carefully label each item of your child's clothing with their name and class. It will be much easier for us and cheaper for you, if we can return lost items quickly to the children if they are labelled. Thank you. 


Junk Modelling

We love junk modelling! We would be grateful if you could save any clean cartons,cardboard boxes, plastic bottles and any other wonderful waste materials for us to use in Nursery to make houses and lots of other inspirational creations. Please being your clean recyclable materials into Nursery and hand them to a member of the Nursery team. You may get some of these items back but they will be transformed into something amazing.No cardboard toilet tubes, egg boxes, milk containers or any containers which once contained nuts or dairy please. Thank you.

Parent/Carers Wow Notes

We would like you to share with us all the fantastic things that your child does outside of school. Wow notes are a simple and fun way for you to share with us some of the amazing things your children do. Just print of the document and then fill in any special things your child might do. Maybe they have just said something that took your breath away. Perhaps they have made something amazing or they have helped you cook a meal, rode their bike without stabilizers or tried something new. We will be able to use Wow Notes to inform our assessments.

Looking forward to seeing some Wow Notes from you soon.

Personal Toys

We have a wide range of toys and equipment at our nursery. Unless we specifically request otherwise your child should not bring any of their own toys to nursery. If they do bring toys with them, we accept no responsibility for any loss or damage to those toys.



Learning this week

This week in the Nursery we will be starting our new  Curriculum Challenge of ' Who can save the day'  We will be thinking about all the people who can help us and think about times when we need to be brave when trying new things. This will be the start of the work we will be doing with the Nursery children to help them with the transition from Nursery to Reception

This week we will be thinking about all the learning we have been doing in Nursery and start to find out about what the children do in Reception.

This week in phonics we will be remembering all the sounds we have learned and trying to read some simple words.

This week in maths we will be recognising, finding and using 2D shapes to make pictures.


If you wish to support you child in their progression of phonics please view the Read Write Ink Set One Sounds on You Tube via the link below. 



RWI Speed Sounds Set 1

Read Write Inc Speed Sounds: Set 1 This video is aimed to help you understand what each of the sounds in Set 1 sound like.

Learning next week

Next week in the Nursery we will be continuing our  Curriculum Challenge of ' Who can save the day?'  We will be thinking about:

Who can help us?

How we can be brave when doing new things?

What can we do when we need help?

How can we help each other?

Next week will be a busy week :

On Monday 2nd July the children who are moving up to Fielding Reception, will be meeting their new class and class teacher.

On Tuesday 3rd July it will be the Nursery Sports Day at 9.15-10.20 in the morning and 2.00-3.05 in the afternoon. The Sports Day will take part on the school field.

Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum