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No parent drop in session this week (Tuesday, Thursday) due to the Nativity performances. 


Please see the letter below around our Reception trip to Kingsdown Methodist Church on Monday 10th December and the screening of The Snowman. 


No Phonics Home learning  

This is due to us assessing their phonics this week and next week to see how much they have learned since our last assessment.


Parent drop in sessions

If your child has been invited to the drop in sessions on Tuesday (RH & RF) and Thursday (RP&RS) each week then the reception gates will be open from 8.25am so you can access reception via classroom doors.  You do not need to report to the front desk of school first. 


Please contribute

If you are able could you please contribute some of the following items to Reception:

- Warm weather clothing - hats, gloves, scarves (for the children to play fancy dress!)

- Buckets and spades

- Plastic bags

- Old fancy dress

- Toys.

Thank you!


Enrichment afternoons

This year in Reception we have developed our curriculum so there are greater opportunities for the children to experience the world.  This year on Wednesdays we will be running enrichment afternoons when the children will be gardening, cooking, learning to play the drums and exploring technology in the world around us.  The timetable below indicates when the sessions will be running for each class. 


During Autumn 2 the children will be making chocolate covered apples to support our work looking at traditions during this time of the year.   Allergies have been considered with the recipes and the kitchen space - if you have any concerns please see your child's class teacher. 


Also we will begin Gardening this half term in our new allotment beds - if there are any parents that would like to offer help in the garden during the week then please let us know.


Week beginning:




































Fielding Forest Lessons


Also in Reception we will continue to run our Field Forest lessons each week.  These are planned and occasionally lead by our school Forest School Lead - Mrs Watts.  On the allocated day pupils are asked to bring in their wellington boots and a suitable jacket or coat.








Monday pm

Tuesday pm

Friday am

Friday pm



Autumn Newsletter 2018

Don't forget to read the Autumn newsletter below in the letter section. 



Some parents have asked for ideas to support their children at home with reading. On page 7 of the children's reading records their is a list of top tips to support reading. If you have any further questions please do speak to your child's class teacher. 


Soft start and drop off

Please feel free to join your child on the carpet or at a table during the soft start each morning which runs from 8:45 to 9am. Soft start is an important part of the day and helps your child to feel settled and prepared for a day of learning. Please encourage your children to put their things away by themselves before collecting a whiteboard and pen and sitting on the carpet. It is important that the children know where their personal belongings are so that they can locate them easily at key times during the day. 


Key words - Will begin in October 2018

In reading records each week class teachers will indicate the key word list your child is currently learning. In school your child will read their list to the class adult once a week and if they can correctly read all of the five words on that list they will progress to the next list. Please do move onto the next list when your child is ready. After each daily phonics lesson we will also be practising the words. Please find below a copy of the key words if you need additional copies throughout the year.  Any questions please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher.  


Fielding Forest 

Each Reception class will continue to visit the Fielding Forest once a week. We ask children to bring in a pair of wellington boots on their allocated day as it can get a little muddy! Also there are a few brambles (which you would expect in a forest) so on this day I would avoid any bare legs. Our Fielding Forest lessons are loved by our children as it gives them the opportunity to take their learning outside and to explore nature. 


Spare Clothes

Please put a spare set of clothes in your child's bag in case they have an accident or get wet. Can we also ask for any borrowed clothes to be washed and brought back to school please so we have them for next time. 


Wow Notes

We would like you to share with us all the fantastic things that your child does outside of school. Wow notes are a simple and fun way for you to share with us some of the amazing things your child achieves. Just print of the document (found below in support material) and then fill in any special moments. It might be something that they said that has taken your breath away or how they have helped around the home. A new skill such as riding their bike or an achievement in a club outside of school. All Wow notes will be stuck in your child's Learning Journeys and will be used to inform our ongoing assessments. We look forward to seeing your Wow notes soon.



Book bags - Will begin in October 2018

The book bags will be sent home each day with your child. Please read with your child as often as possible. Please return your child's book bag to school each morning.

Books will continue to be changed once a week for your child, it is encouraged for you to reread the same book with your child to secure key words and to develop comprehension skills. Parent comments in reading journals are encouraged and help support our assessments in school. We will also send home a sharing book of your child's choice once a week. Please try to empty your child's book bag at the end of each week as  the wonderful work they do in class soon builds up and makes it tricky for them to fit new things in at the end of the day. Please only keep the current weeks phonics worksheet in your child's bag so that it can be looked at when they read. The rest can be stored at home.   


Junk Modelling

Please continue to send in clean and dry recycling so that the children can use it for junk modelling. 


Show and Tell - begins after half term - Autumn 2

Please see the lists on classroom doors for your child's assigned week to bring in their show and tell. If you have missed your week please do not worry you are welcome to bring something in the following week.

Learning this week: (3.12.18)

Maths: We have been looking at finding one less than a given number. We have been using hundred squares and number lines to support this.  


English: Next week we will be starting The Snowman book in preparation for Christmas! 


Learning next week: (10.12.18)

Maths: We will be continuing to look at finding one less than a given number. For the children that have achieved the skill of finding one less than numbers up to 10 they will work on 10+.


English: We will be continuing to write about The Snowman book and also acting some parts out!



Reception Autumn Newsletter 2018

Home Learning - start in October 


Home learning will be sent home on Fridays. It will be based on the phonics each child has been learning during the week. Please take the time to complete this with your child as it will help them with their learning. Home learning does not need to be returned, you may wish to store it in a file at home to refer to with your child during the year.   


Supporting your Child at Home

Each week we will update our notice board to inform you of the learning that has been happening in Reception that week. We will offer suggestions of how you can support identified areas of English and Maths at home.


We will also include the learning that will be happening in these areas during the next week so you have a clear idea of what is ahead. 


Mathematics - Numbers

• Plan a picnic and let your child decide how many sandwiches and bananas you will need.

• Make a number line using birthday cards.

• Play number snap or bingo with numbers that your child has cut out of a magazine.

• Sing number songs where your child has to count backwards like “Five Little Ducks” or “Ten Fat Sausages”.


Mathematics - Shape, space and measure

• Sort out the pairs of shoes so that they go from small to big.

• Make patterns with buttons or lids, like “big, small, big”.

• Allow your child to give you instructions for an obstacle course, like “Go under the blanket”, “Go through the tunnel” and “Go behind the chair”.


Please see the materials and video links below with ideas of how to support your child in maths.


Fielding Learning Challenge Curriculum

Specialist subjects