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Values Baccalaureate

Values Baccalaureate

Pupils in years 4, 5 and 6  work towards the Fielding Values Baccalaureate. To achieve this, pupils must demonstrate how they have used our four core values across the  school, home and local & wider community. This empowers pupils to apply their learning about values in a range of ways and for these Values to further become part of their character. 

There are four levels of the Baccalaureate:

  • bronze, usually completed during year 4
  • silver, usually completed during year 5
  • gold, usually completed during year 6
  • platinum, for those pupils who reach gold earlier and who wish to deepen or continue their application of our values to their lives

These levels give pupils opportunities to apply and sustain the values ethos and learning over a long period of time, in a range of situations. Pupils are required to complete task cards and provide evidence for the stages. They can choose how they collect and show this evidence. Success within each level is celebrated as part of our Monday school assemblies. Pupils receive a patch to wear on their school jumper, recognising their achievement.

Fielding Values Baccalaureate, views from the experts.

Evidence should be submitted to your class teacher. In portfolio form (A folder or collection of work).

Thank you to William for providing this great example of how he achieved his platinum Values Baccalaureate award. A fantastic example of how he has used this opportunity to make a difference in and out of school. 

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