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We are introducing 'Game of the Week' to the challenge following a great idea from one of our Year 4 pupils; Savi. 'Game of the Week' is a place where we will be uploading game ideas for you to play against other people in your household. Play these games as they are or adapt them to make them suit you. If you want to share a video of you playing the games please do via email to Mr Thomas. If you have any of your own game ideas that you would like to share with people just send in a video of you explaining/playing the game to show others how. Have fun and stay active.

Cops and Robbers

As well as this game, MSSP have also shared ideas for lots of other great games that you can play at home over lockdown and the summer holidays with minimal equipment. Have fun going through them.

Throw Tennis

You can play this game in whatever space you have available to you but the size of your court and what you use as a net could change the difficulty of the game so experiment. You just need a ball and a line/object to use as a net to throw over.



Suggested rules are in the link below. Use the following login details. Explore the website for more PE lessons that you could adapt for use at home. This particular game is in the Year 5 set of lessons but can be played all the way down to Year 1.


Password: fieldingpr


Domes and Dishes

This game can be played individually against a clock or against 1 or more other people in your house. Traditionally in PE this game is played with cones but can also be played with any objects in your house that you can safely flip over.

Check out the youtube link below for instructions and demo of how to play.

Sock Boccia

To play you first need a set of 6 sock balls of 1 colour and 6 of another. You will also need a small ball or a different coloured sock ball to act as the jack. If you can't get 2 sets of 6 balls you could play with fewer. Have a look at the Challenge 6 'Sock in a Box' video to see how to make sock balls. I have also played this with toy cars instead of sock balls! Official boccia rules are below but can be adapted to suit the way you want to play.




You could also try playing this game by kicking or throwing a ball. If you are finding it difficult to get the ball to rest against a target, change the rule and say you just have to hit the target.

Noughts and Crosses

This game can be played anywhere in your house where you have at least a small amount of room to run back and forth. The bigger the space you use, the more running you do! Set up a noughts and crosses grid using pieces of paper instead of hoops or if you have a patio, outdoor chalk and are allowed to draw a grid straight onto the ground. Instead of bibs use 4 items of clothing of 1 colour and 4 of another colour. Play the game 1v1 or in small teams. Have a look at the youtube link to see how to play. 

Homemade Subbuteo

Great game of football set up on your table. You could also set the game up on the floor if you wanted to. Roll up some tea towels to create a perimeter for your pitch and leave gaps either end for your goals. I have used megablocks as my footballers and a small plastic ball for my football but you could use whatever you have available in your household.


To play, both players set up their pieces in a starting formation on the pitch and decide you gets kick off. To kick the ball you must flick one of your pieces to try to hit the ball into your opponents goal. Then your opponent has a flick and you continue alternating. Think carefully about which footballer piece you use to try to hit the ball as using the wrong piece could you leave you open to conceding a goal. If the ball goes off, the player whose turn it is can restart from anywhere on the pitch. If a footballer piece gets flicked or knocked off of the pitch they must remain off the pitch for the next shot. When you return a footballer piece to the pitch you can place them wherever you like but a returning footballer piece must wait a turn before taking their next shot.


Adapt these basic rules to play or look up Subbuteo rules and play with a version of them.





Have a look at the Youth Sport Trust website for more game ideas to try at home... 

Timestable Balance (or capitals, shapes, colours or anything you like really!)

Still image for this video

Variations of how to play

  • Spread the answers over a bigger/smaller area.
  • Put more/less answers on the door
  • Change the type of balance
  • Don't balance, perform star jumps or hops etc instead
  • Don't balance, start 5 steps away from the answers. Listen the question then run the door to hit the answer, then run back to hear next question
  • Lay the answers out on the floor instead. Get into a bear crawl position (or similar hands and feet position). You must keep your knees and tummy off the floor while crawling to each answer.
  • Probably a hundred other ways that i haven't thought of - be creative!

2 Player Tag

You can play each of these tag games with more people in your household but the minimum you need is 2. Make sure you've got plenty of space and you're not going to bump into anything.


Shoulder Tag

Start by facing your opponent/s and position yourself so you are about a meter apart. You must stay facing your opponent/s the whole game, you can move in any direction to avoid being tagged but must always be facing - no running away. The aim of the game is to tag your opponents shoulders with the palm of your hand without getting tagged yourself. Every tag scores you a point, play for 30 seconds and see who can get the most points.


T-shirt Tag

Get a spare t-shirt each and tuck in the back of your shorts so it hangs down like a tail. Start by facing your opponent/s and position yourself about a meter apart. Stay facing each other the whole game, again you can move any direction to tag or avoid being tagged but don't turn and run away. To win the game you must steal your opponents t-shirt. Best out of 5 (or more!)


Bear Tag

Get into a bear crawl position and position yourself facing your opponent/s about a meter apart. You must move around to tag and avoid being tagged but must stay in the bear crawl position for the whole game. To tag somebody and score a point you need to tap their shoulder with the palm of your hand while avoiding being tagged yourself. Play for 30 seconds and see who can score the most points.

Treasure Hunt

Pick a base somewhere in your household to start the game from. The key word in this game is 'FIELDING'. The aim of the game is to find objects which begin with the letters of the word 'FIELDING', bring them back to your base and lay them out to spell the word. You can put your own spin on the game in a number of ways:

  • Time your treasure hunt - how quickly can you finish it?
  • Use a different word - make it bigger or smaller to change the number of objects you need to find.
  • Add a theme - all objects found must follow a certain theme.
  • Create a map of your household and plot on the map where you find the objects. Then give somebody else the map and challenge them to put them back where you found them.

Active Wordsearch

You can play this on your own or with family members. Create a wordsearch like the one in the picture below. The words in your wordsearch should be a selection of movements that you can perform a number of times, for example a squat. When you find a word, before you cross it off you must perform that action 10 times, then you cross it off and look for the next word. I used to create my wordsearch where you can complete the wordsearch online but there are lots of other websites to use. You could also make your own wordsearch by hand with a piece of paper and a pencil!


You could time yourself to see how quickly you can complete the wordsearch.

You could change the number of repetitions of each action you need to do before you cross it off.

You could change the number of sets of repetitions you need to do before you cross it off.

You could use the actions that I have used or you could add your own.


I went to the shop....Savi, Year 4

Still image for this video

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