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Challenge 3 - Speed Bounce

Speed Bounce

All you need for this week's challenge is a small space and an object you can use a small hurdle to jump over. Start by standing feet together, next to your hurdle. The aim is to jump by taking off and landing on 2 feet, sideways over the hurdle as many times as you can in 30 seconds. If you land on the hurdle or move it as you jump over it, just reset the hurdle and carry on. 


Make it harder

  • Use a slightly higher hurdle
  • Try the challenge with a hop


Make it easier

  • Use a slightly smaller hurdle
  • Try the challenge by bounding from 1 foot to the other to get over the hurdle


If you would like to share your attempts at each challenge you can ask the grown ups in your household to film you or take a photo of you doing the challenge and then send it in to Mr Thomas at along with your score and possibly a write up about how the challenge went in your household.

Speed Bounce Demo

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Mr Thomas

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My first attempt at the speed bounce using a trainer as my hurdle. A few of my jumps towards the end looked as though I wasn't going over the trainer so not going to count them - I think I scored 68. I will definitely be trying this one again!

Sav, Year 4

Still image for this video
Well done Sav, great score and well done for carrying on after you hit the trainer. I can definitely see a higher score coming!

Kieran, Year 6

'This is the speed bounce challenge. I used a higher hurdle and hopped and my score was 56 in 30 seconds.' 

Zach, Year 5

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Big score there Zach! Huge well done for scoring an impressive 72 bounces in 30 seconds. Not sure Mr Winn would approve of your shorts though...

Mrs Gill

Still image for this video
Well done to Mrs Gill who scored 58 in the Speed Bounce challenge after persevering and Improving on her score each time she tried the challenge. Great example to the children in school this week!


Still image for this video
Big well done to Ciaran for scoring the highest score recorded on video this week at school. There were claims from other staff of higher scores but unfortunately there was no proof....send us a video Miss!

Luke, Year 4

Well done Luke for scoring 39 in the Speed Bounce challenge. Great effort and you beat your big brother!

Alex, Year 6

Good start Alex, well done. I know you won't be happy about Luke having a higher score than you at the moment though. Keep trying!

Alex and Luke's Dad

First parent video/photo of a challenge has been sent by Alex and Luke's dad! Well done for being the first official parent and bigger well done for beating the boys!

Anya and Rohan, Year 3 and Year 1

Still image for this video
Well done Anya and Rohan for scoring 48 and 42 respectively. A very good paired effort made even better with some excellent sound effects on the video!

Henry, Year 3

Still image for this video
Well done Henry for completing the Speed Bounce challenge. I loved the music on your video too!

Evie, Year 4

Still image for this video
Great effort from Evie here to score 43 bounces in 30 seconds. Well done for showing the resilience needed to keep going after you hit the shoe! Can you beat that score now?

Jack, Year 6

Still image for this video
A very good score or 64 bounces from you here Jack. I'm going to challenge you to add 5 more bounces before the time runs out!

Otto, Year 1

Still image for this video
Fantastic Speed Bounce attempt here Otto, well done for scoring 24 bounces! I think if you keep working at that you could get close to 30 bounces!

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