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Quelle est ta matière préférée?

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Bonjour 5H,

Please work through the activities below for your French lesson on Wednesday 25th November. The other Year 5 classes will be doing the same activities in class.



Let's practise animals/pets. Copy the animals/pets onto a whiteboard or notebook. Keep practising until you can write these nouns correctly from memory:


un chien (a dog)

un chat (a cat)

un lapin (a rabbit)

un oiseau (a bird)

une souris (a mouse)

une torture (a tortoise/turtle)



Today, we will be bringing all of our learing together to answer the question 'Quelle est ta matière préférée?' (what's your favourite subject?). Have a go orally with a parent or sibling, or even record it and listen back to it. Then have a go at writing it down. Use the Knowledge Organiser below to help you. Here's an example:


J’aime le sport, c’est cool. Mais je  n’aime pas les maths. C’est nul. (I like P.E, it’s cool. But I don’t like maths. It’s not so good).


Next week we will be having a look at a French school timetable and comparing to our timetable.



Madame Mahvelati


CE1 School Timetable at Ombrosa

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School Lunch France - Michael Moore

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