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The Governing Body and staff of the school believe that good behaviour is fundamental to success in the classroom for both children and teachers.  Good behaviour results from a well planned and delivered curriculum that stimulates children to learn, ask questions, debate, and challenge themselves. Our behaviour principles are rooted in our values-based ethos and curriculum. 


Children learn best in an ordered environment. This can be achieved when expectations of learning and behaviour are high and consequences are explicit and applied consistently.


Behaviour for learning is behaviour which encourages learning to take place. Good behaviour needs to be taught, modelled and rewarded. Poor or unacceptable behaviour needs to be sanctioned. Racism, bullying and sexual harassment are not tolerated. The age and developmental stage of the pupils will always be considered when applying the behaviour policy.


We expect all members of our school community to live by and be role models of our core values: respect, resilience, empathy and reflection at all times.


Our Values-based ethos underpins our expectations for behaviour, we make it easy to behave and hard not to by:

  • unconditional positive regard for all pupils;
  • the use of our core values to underpin our choices, actions and on how we reflect on negative choices;
  • a focus on choice: we refer to good choices (which lead to good consequences) and choices which are bad (which lead to negative consequences).  Language of choice is used to encourage:
    • self-management of behaviour and reflection on behaviour choices made i.e. there are always different behavioural options;
    • any poor behaviour is a result of the choices made rather than negative expectations associated with ‘labelling’ of a child;
  • recognising, acknowledging and rewarding pupils for their positive choices, use of our values and behaviour;
  • consistency in behaviour management based on our whole school structure where all staff are expected and empowered to effectively manage behaviour;
  • a positive and assertive approach, where clear boundaries are set and enforced consistently, fairly, calmly and firmly.


We recognise that individuals have rights and responsibilities of all members of the school community, the importance of clear and consistent classroom routines which are adhered to and a culture of rewards for success.

If any child is worried or concerned about the behaviour of another child towards them, they can speak to their class teacher or another trusted adult in school or contact us through the virtual worry box. Find out more on our safeguarding page. 


Star Constellations

Stars earned by pupils during the week are counted and collected by Star Leader pupils at the end of each week.  Stars are converted into points for each constellation in each class - 4 points for 1st place, 3, 2, 1 for last place.  Winners for this term are:

Star Leaders 

Star leaders are in Year 6, they have been elected by pupils in Years 1-6. There is a star leader and deputy star leader for each of our constellations in each year 6 class.

Winning constellations


TermConstellation Team
Autumn 2020Cygnus
Spring & SummerOrion
Autumn 2021Hercules
Spring 2022Orion
Summer 2022Pegasus
Autumn 2022Pegasus
Spring 2023Pegasus
Summer 2023Cygnus
Autumn 2023Hercules
Spring 2024Cygnus


Behaviour policy & procedures

  • Pupils belong to one of our 4 constellations

  • Pupils work to collect values tokens. These tokens are given to the children for staying on green each day and for actively using values in how they learn and act. The tokens have been designed for the school from potato starch and are fully biodegradable. 
  • In class pupils follow a behaviour hierarchy diagram that demonstrates our levels of rewards to make the consequence of good choices clear. The hierarchy demonstrates the results of negative behaviour including which behaviours will result in what sanction.

  • We focus on  pupil lead conflict resolution to help children solve minor disagreements and issues independently.

  • Teachers use behaviour scripts to recognise positive actions made by children especially when showing our new school core values.

  • See our 'policy' page for full details

Values and behaviour powerpoint

Values Baccalaureate 

Pupils in Years 4-6 can earn patched for achieving their Baccalaureate. They can also earn more tokens for their constellation for each level they achieve. FInd out more here.

Star Leaders Hustings

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