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Year 4: PGL at Liddington, Swindon

PGL, Liddington. Monday 22nd April - Tuesday 23rd April


We are getting closer to our residential trip to PGL Liddington on 22nd April so please read the information below to help you prepare for the trip.


Please can you ensure that children are dropped off to school between 7.00am and 7.20am on 22nd April. Entry to the school at this time will be via the main entrance on Wyndham Road. We will ask parents and carers to say goodbye to their children in the playground. Children will then bring their bag upstairs with them and will start to gather in their classrooms. Please be prompt so that we have sufficient time to organise the children and are ready to leave via coaches at 8.00am.


Children should arrive to school on Monday wearing clothes which are suitable for activities. When we arrive at Liddington, bags will be dropped at a central location before children will get into their activity groups and head to their first activity. Dorm rooms will not be ready for us on arrival so there will be nowhere for children to change when we arrive.


Children will take part in 3 daytime activities and an evening activity on Monday. They will then enjoy 2 further activities on Tuesday. Children will eat lunch and dinner on Monday and breakfast and lunch on Tuesday. Please do not pack extra snacks and sweets for your child. They will not be needed. Children will not be allowed to eat sweets in their dorms.


Some of you have noticed that there is a gift shop at PGL Liddington, however as our trip is a short one, we do not have any time on our itinerary to visit it. Therefore, please do noy give your child spending money to bring with them as they will not need it.


If your child requires medication for the trip please drop this into school by the end of the day Wednesday 17th April. It should be in its original box and clearly labelled with your child’s name and class. Please also include any specific instructions for administering it.


We will arrive back in school on Tuesday 23rd April at approximately 4.00pm. Coaches will stop at the Coombe Road entrance. All bags will be unloaded first. Children will then gather in their activity groups with their designated adult who will dismiss them when parents or carers are there. Please do not take you child without letting their designated adult know.


If you have any further questions about the trip before we leave, please email with ‘FAO. Mr Thomas. Y4 PGL’ as the subject of the email.

Consent, medical and dietary needs

Consent, medical and dietary needs have been sent out today, (6th March), via email. Please check and complete the form included in the email by Friday 15th March.

What are the rooms like and what will we be doing?

We will be staying in the Ridgeway East Wing. Some rooms sleep 4 children and some sleep 5. Room mates will be confirmed in the week before go with all rooms being single sex. Have a look at the virtual tour for Liddington below to see what the rooms look like.


Children will be divided into 11 activity groups which will also be communicated in the week before we go. Each group will take part in 5 different activities - orienteering, sensory trail, problem solving, archery and zip wire. All groups will also have a campfire as their evening activity on Monday. Each activity will be led by a fully trained member of PGL staff with a member of Fielding staff supervising the group. Full details and photos of each activity can be found on the virtual tour below as well. Check them out.


Virtual Tour


What to bring

Check out the PGL checklist for a generic guide on what to bring on a PGL trip.


Please note the following changes for our trip to Liddington;

  • You do not need to bring bedding/pillows as they will be provided by PGL.
  • You need to bring 1 pair of trainers which you will wear for activities that you do not mind getting dirty. You need a second pair of shoes/trainers to wear to and from PGL and in the evening which you will keep clean. You do not need a third pair for watersports as we are not doing any water activities.
  • You only need 1 towel as we are not doing any water activites.
  • Do not bring mobile phones or any other electrical device.
  • Do not bring watches as you will be asked to remove them for some activities. If they get lost or misplaced they can be very difficult to find again.
  • Do not bring any snacks/sweets for the coach or dorms. Food is not permitted in either of those places.


Kit List

Eating at PGL

All meals will be provided by PGL during our visit. We will be arriving at Liddington at around 10.00am where will go straight to activities. Our first meal there will be lunch, which will be in the dining hall, so please ensure your child has enough breakfast before coming to school. We will then be back in the dining hall for dinner. The following day, children will eat breakfast and then lunch in the dining hall before leaving to return to school.


We do not have a confirmed menu for our visit but please check out the link below for a sample menu which will give you an idea of the foods which will be on offer. 


PGL are able to cater for a wide variety of dietary needs so please check your child's dietary needs are up to date on the email that was sent to parents on the 6th March.

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