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Financial pressure

At Fielding, we are lucky to have a supportive and interested community who care about education. Together, we all want to give our pupils and your children the best we can.


Every year, Fielding receives a low level of government funding compared to other schools:

  • lowest 2% of schools for government funding because our pupils have less social deprivation than others.


We do all that we can to top this up by generating our own income from things like hiring the school's facilities:

  • highest 1% of all schools for self-generated income.


Meanwhile, staff costs are rising because more and more of our team stay working for us and reach the top of their pay scale.


The school just about manages to keep up the quality and consistency of what we offer all pupils.


Parents help us by making a donation

Please make a regular, monthly, voluntary donation of any amount that your family can afford:

  • Start a standing order with your bank as soon as you can.


Our bank details:

  • Contact us for our bank details
  • Day of month: any to suit you
  • Frequency: every month
  • Reference: family name (or 'anon'), if you wish 


Any donation is voluntary. There is no obligation or expectation on any family to make a donation. All pupils will be treated in the same way at school, irrespective of whether or not their family has made a donation.


Together, we can keep everything that makes our school excellent.

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