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Welcome to the Isle of Wight information page. 

Have a look at what the children got up to on last year's trip. 


What to expect:

Below is all the information provided for this year's trip. This year's trip will be very similar.

Parent consent form and health care plans.

Just before half term your child will come home with a health care and consent from, please check the details, sign and return to school by Monday 24th February.  Please also ensure that your child's Health Care Form is up-to-date on Laser, if your child does not have any healthcare needs please still complete the form. You can find the form by logging in to your Laser account, selecting school forms and then Health Care.

Departure from school 15th May 2020

Pupils will need to arrive at school at the normal time on the 15th May, They will be asked to drop their luggage in the Sports Hall and then make their way to their classrooms. Parents are asked to say goodbye to their children at this time.


We will be travelling by coach to Portsmouth and transferring by Wightlink ferry to Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight. Coaches will leave school just before lunchtime to get us to Portsmouth for a 2.30pm crossing.

Where are we staying?

We are staying at the PGL centre 'Little Canada'

PGL Little Canada, New Road, Wootton, Ryde, Isle of Wight, PO33 4JP 

Arrival at school 18th May

We will depart the centre at lunchtime for a 2pm crossing on the 18th May, we will aim to be back at school around 4.30pm, this will depend on traffic. Regular updates will be tweeted. Children should be collected from the Coombe Road playground.

Find out more about Little Canada

Take a look at the PowerPoint below, exact activities and rooming information will be confirmed nearer the time.

PGL Parent Guide, click here for more information for parents  from PGL, including sample menus. 

Packing list

The packing list will give you an idea of what your child should pack. There is also a list of what children should wear for each activity. Please note that children should not bring aerosols, mobile phones, anything electronic or  valuable. Children do not need to bring bedding.

Children might like to pack a special item from home for example a much loved bedtime cuddly toy or a family photograph.

Weather watch:

If the forecast is for wet weather please pack additional clothes as the children may need to change more often. Don't forget a waterproof coat.

If the forecast is for sunny weather, fingers crossed, don't forget sunhats, sunglasses and sunscreen  (children need to be able to apply their own and must not share - please label clearly).

Day Bag

A small ruck-sack or draw string bag that will be used on the journey and for all activities. This should include

  • packed lunch (disposable containers) no nuts;
  • water bottle;
  • pocket money;
  • tissues;
  • a camera (disposable is fine);
  • a book;
  • some things to keep them busy on the coach, no electronics;
  • sunscreen, sunhat and sunglasses;
  • waterproof coat (if needed)

Luggage Labels

Each child should have only one small suitcase or holdall plus their 'day' bag/rucksack. The luggage labels are optional, if you choose not to use these labels please make sure your child's luggage is easily to identify. Children should be able to lift and carry their own luggage. 

Spending Money

It is suggested that the pupils bring up to £2 per day for snacks and treats plus up to £10 if they would like to buy a souvenir. Children will be in charge of their own money, it is recommended that they bring it in a clearly labelled purse or wallet and that this is kept in their day bag.


If your child requires any medication please make sure you have updated your child's medical details on Laser. Medication should be in its original packaging, clearly labelled and placed in a clear bag. This bag should be handed in to the school office by Thursday 17th May.

Travel sickness tablets should be handed to the class teacher, again clearly labelled with instructions for when they should be taken.

Asthma medication should be placed in the child's day bag. 

Activities and groups

Please see the PowerPoint presentation & provisional activity list above for details of activities.

Children will be asked to select a partner for the trip, they will be with their partner during activities, on the coach and in the same bedroom.

Activity groups will be made up of 12 children. Each group will have at least one member of PGL staff plus one member of Fielding staff.



Daily updates will be placed on Twitter this will feed through to the front page of the school website.
If children are very homesick or unwell we will phone home.
If an emergency occurs that you think your child should know about  you may call the emergency number:(provided via Laser earlier in the month) Parents are asked not to contact the centre.