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Year 2 Music

Year 2 Peter and the Wolf Music challenges for pupils self isolating

In Year 2 Music this term we have been looking at the piece of music ‘Peter and the Wolf’ by Prokofiev (see knowledge organiser for knowledge covered).

As part of this, we do the following:

  • Learn about the composer Prokofiev.
  • Listen to the music for Peter and the Wolf and identify the instruments used to represent each character in the story. Click here for the orchestral performance and click here for the animated version.
  • Learn about the instruments of the orchestra: that there are 4 families; Strings, Woodwind, Brass and Percussion.

If you are self isolating choose one of the following challenges to complete each week related to our Peter and the Wolf music topic:

Challenge A:

Click here to watch a Video about the orchestra. Click here to use the interactive resource to explore the instruments of the orchestra- click on each instrument to hear what they sound like.

Then click here to play musical bingo with the instruments of the orchestra (beginner level).

Challenge B:

Complete page 11 of the orchestra pack. Colour in the instrument blocks to show which family of the orchestra they belong to. You will need blue, yellow, green, red colouring pencils.  You could use the links in Challenge A or the posters of the orchestra to help you work it out. Which of these instruments were used in Peter and the Wolf can you circle them? Click here to finish with the interactive instrument match up activity.

Challenge C:

Watch either the orchestral performance (click here) or the animated version (click here) of Peter and the Wolf and match each instrument to the character in the story (see pdf worksheet bundle and choose one of the matching sheets). If you want to challenge yourself choose the matching sheet with no instrument labels- can you label the instruments and the characters?

To check your answers either use the answer sheet on the pdf document below or click here and use the first 2 minutes of the orchestral performance video which tells you which instrument goes with each character so you can mark your work.

Challenge D:

Can you create a poster to show your favourite character in Peter and the Wolf and the instrument that represents it in Prokofiev’s music? You may want to watch the performances first (links in Challenge C) or click here and use the first 2 minutes of the orchestral video to give you a summary of the characters and instruments.

Challenge E:

Can you use Chrome Music Lab song or melody maker to create a melody (tune) for each character in the story? Click here for Chrome Music Lab.

You could use colouring pencils to draw musical squares to represent your musical creations.

Characters: Peter, Cat, Duck, Bird, Wolf, Grandpa, Hunters

Challenge F: 

Complete the ‘Think like a composer’ worksheet (p8 of worksheet bundle). Use the poster of the orchestra to select instruments you could use for each animal.

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